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We’re on the look out for fantastic, talented and enthusiastic writers.

We’re a young blog with big plans, so this is a great chance to establish yourself as one of our long term regular writers and play a big part in the Calm Happy Healthy community from the beginning.

Do you have a passion for writing about the things you love? And are those passions any of the following or similar…

  • Keeping Fit and Healthy
  • Wellness
  • Walking / Hiking
  • The Great Outdoors / Adventure – From Walking in local woods & parks to Camping in the Wild.
  • Cycling
  • Gardening
  • Healthy Food and Recipes
  • Laughter / Smiling / Happiness
  • Stress Management / Relief
  • Any subjects that can help our readers become more Calm, Happy and Healthy


If any of the above are your cup of tea, we would love for you to follow the submission process at the bottom of this page and we’ll hopefully be in touch very soon!

(This is probably a good moment to say we are not interested in posts related to tacky subjects for example Weight Loss gimmicks and Fad Diets or anything Indecent)


Here’s our guidelines…

We accept bylined articles – between 800 – 1200 words – (Please stay under 1200 words)

Must be 100% Original and Unique Content – No content published or submitted elsewhere please (including your personal blog) We also need it to be exclusive to Calm Happy Healthy please.

No submissions that are written for SEO purposes – if your sole purpose is to link up keywords to boost your own SEO or plug a product / brand or you work for a content farm we are not interested.

Fantastic beautiful images – At least 800 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall and please only send images you own. We encourage you to include fantastic photos that you own and intrinsically link to your content. If you really have no way of including images don’t let that stop you submitting though.

Examples – Lots of interesting and valid examples please, the more proof / examples you can supply the better.

Please no hyperlinks


Tone, Content, Title and Format

We want every post we publish to add real value to our readers lives, information that helps them in everyday life. Below are a few pointers we like to see in our content and how it reads…


  • Have a warm, honest, personal touch
  • Be inclusive, positive and accessible
  • We love posts that makes our readers feel inspired


Here’s some examples of content that works very well…

Actionable tips – Ideas and tips that can be implemented by anyone, help to inspire people

Advise – and include the above Actionable tips

Nutrition / Recipes – Advise on Nutrition with ways to apply that advise to the readers diet

Yoga routines

Meditation / Breathing

Fitness advise – that helps our readers discover ways to get more active and healthy

Statistics / Quotes – If you include statistics or quote other sources please include links to those. This includes academic works, scientific papers etc. This allows readers to look into the subject further if they wish and backs up your claims and advise.

Offer answers to problems you pose


Title / Subject matter

A superb title – this must grab attention and really make the reader want to read your post. Tell the reader exactly what they are going to read.

Fantastic title image – Follow this with a fantastic title image that truly links to the content, this must be very high quality and really engage as it’s the first thing the reader will see.

A great first impression – Make sure your first paragraph and especially your first line, really pulls people in and grabs their full attention, it’s your one chance to make a great first impression. Make sure you clearly and succinctly let the reader know exactly what the post is about in the first paragraph.

With so much content online now, you really need to give readers a big reason to carry on spending their time reading your article.


Articles that work well are ones that first talk about possible problems readers may have or an issue they might not even know exists and then follow that with some examples of possible solutions.

For example this post below, lets the reader know how bad Sitting for too long is and then offers a guide to a better sitting posture…

5 Ways Sitting is Wrecking Your Body


These types of posts also work well, where you share…

  • How to
  • Results
  • Expertise / Advise


All in an Informative, Inspiring, Educational and Actionable way, making sure it’s easy to read and quickly digestible.


Biograghy / Links

We do not currently offer compensation for contributions so we’re more than happy to include a Byline / Biography.

Please keep this to a few lines and no more than 120 words and include links to your own website or blog if you have one plus any social media you’d like us to link to.

Please also supply a headshot or photo if you’d like us to use one along side your Bio.



If all of the above sounds good, to begin please enter your details in the form below or email them directly to office@calmhappyhealthy.com

Please also include links to three recent articles written by you that are similar to the type of content you would write for Calm Happy Healthy. (If you only have one article published feel free to just supply that one). There is also a optional box to fill in if you are unpublished.

We’ll contact you once we’ve reviewed your supplied links and if successful we’ll email over more details / guidelines and talk through your planned subject a little with you, just to ensure we’re all happy to move forward.

Here’s a few points…

  • If your submission has been successful, we will respond within 14 days
  • If successful please stick to submitting one post at a time
  • We’re happy for you to submit again with new content after waiting two weeks


We would love to reply to every single one of you but we are receiving a lot of new submissions and although we carefully read and review every single one of them sadly it’s very hard to reply to every submission we receive.

Please also read our Terms of Use before submitting. By sending us your work you acknowledge that you have read these Terms and accept them and are happy for us to edit your work. Please bear in mind we may also tweak your title if we feel it needs it.


Contact us

Please contact us at this email address…


We look forward to hearing from you and whether you’re already part of our ever growing community or are just joining us on our journey to make the world Calmer, Happier and Healthier, Welcome aboard!


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