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What Would it Feel Like to Have Boundless Energy levels?

Trying to Boost your Energy Levels?

Can you remember what high energy levels feel like? Are you constantly striving to feel more energetic?

Do you day-dream about your childhood when you had boundless energy? Can you even really remember what high energy levels feel like though?

Remember that feeling of boundless energy when you were young?

Many of us view energy as the feeling we get from drinking a strong Coffee or Tea, that quick buzz that helps wake us up in the morning, gives us focus and we tend to believe it helps us to get on with our day.

However much you enjoy that Caffeine buzz it’s fooling you and even worse too much Caffeine can actually have adverse effects such as anxiety, heartburn or even increase your blood pressure.

That feeling is not Energy!

That feeling is simply an imbalance in your brains chemistry that forces you to feel awake and productive and when you run on empty like this for long enough, eventually the debt must be paid.


What Should Energy Feel Like?

So what do genuine high energy levels really feel like? How does it feel to be running on full instead of always running on empty?

Having lots of energy doesn’t feel like there’s rocket fuel powering you, pushing you to keep going and going because it doesn’t need to. Instead, you will simply feel as you do on your best days. FRESH!

Each breath you take will help to fill your lungs with more enthusiasm for the day, you’ll have no trace of headaches or foggy brain and you will be excited and enthusiastic for whatever you’re doing. That’s what true high energy brings.


How Energy Improves Your Life

What’s more, feeling this way can help you to improve nearly every aspect of your life.

First of all, having this kind of limitless energy will make you feel happier, calmer and so much more positive. You’re enjoyment of life will increase simply by feeling less tired and having more to give, no longer feeling cloudy or lost.

What’s more, this will help you to perform better in your workplace with your productivity sky rocketing, it will help to be more engaged and charismatic with your family and friends and to get more from your spare time.

You’ll also enhance your relationships and your way of life simply by having more resources to throw at them.


Get back your zest for life and find time to exercise

Greater energy levels will allow you to stick to an exercise regime and push yourself to reach goals in those regimes.

You can take on a side project or two to earn extra income.

Generally to take your life back to where you want it to be….. and to feel great doing it!


So how can you boost your energy levels?

Here’s a few ideas below for ways to change your life and help boost your Energy Levels in a natural, healthy way…


1. Eat a balanced and nutritional diet

The first thing to look at is the way you’re eating. Your food can make a huge difference when it comes to your energy. Of particular interest, are the specific nutrients and supplements that can greatly enhance your energy levels.

  • Cook fresh, whole foods and avoid processed sugars for a big improvement in energy and try to get nutrients such as Omega 3 Fatty Acid, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin D. We cover this further in our checklist.
  • Reduce your simple carb intake (sugars etc)
  • Get more fruit and veg into your diet
  • Moringa Oleifera is also known to help boost energy levels


2. Improve Your Sleep

The other big change to improve your energy levels is to work on your sleep. Better sleep can make a huge difference to how you feel each day and the following tips will help you to upgrade that sleep:

Go to bed 30 minutes before you need to sleep and ‘decompress’ by reading a book and staying away from computers, TVs and phones.

  • To get to sleep quickly, focus on being comfortable instead of trying to ‘force’ yourself to sleep
  • Keep the window slightly open, we have adapted to sleep best in slightly cooler environments
  • Keep your bedroom tidy therefore allowing your brain to be less worried about stuff
  • Have a hot bath before bed to relax the muscles and stimulate the production of melatonin/growth hormone
  • Start adding Meditation to your daily routine allowing your brain to slow down before sleep
  • If you are really tired during the day, try and have a quick power nap

Another tip is to be careful about the way you wake up in the morning. Instead of being startled awake by an alarm, try using a ‘daylight lamp’ that will wake you with a simulated sunrise.

For example the one called ‘The Lumie’ is a device that wakes you up with a light that slowly gets brighter over time, mimicking the sun to provide lots of natural energy.

Or get yourself a fantastic Jawbone UP that tracks when you’re in your lightest stages of sleep and wakes you up then thereby avoiding sleep inertia.


3. Exercise and use HIIT (high intensity interval training) specifically

HIIT is great for increasing your energy in the long-term and is also beneficial for your health and fitness. Not only that, but it is also very time efficient and doesn’t take more than half an hour for a workout.


4. Spend time outdoors to improve your sleep

Fresh air is the environment we are used to and the sudden air can help to calm our body and allow us to sleep more deeply. A great way to do this is to spend more of your spare time walking in the local parks and woods. Read more on this subject in our post ‘The Huge Benefits of Walking More’.

Calm Happy Healthy

We exist to do all we can to help make life a richer, more inspiring and enjoyable experience, for you our reader. By aiming to help you realise that you have the power and ability to change what needs to be changed to improve your health, state of mind, diet, energy levels, reduce stress and do your bit to help look after the environment. Live a Calmer, Happier and Healthier life.

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