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‘Sensual’ Soy Massage Candle in Pourable Jar

This ‘Sensual’ Soy massage candle is a pourable massage candle made by ‘Bamboo’. The candle in the jar measures 7cm tall and 6.5cm in diameter.



Blended using only the finest pure essential oils and natural plant waxes with jojoba oil adding a wonderful luxury and tactile feel to this warm wax massage.

This sensual blend is made from ylang ylang, sweet orange and patchouli, essential oils. An invigorating and stimulating mix.

Extremely good at moisturising and very rich so you will not need to use a lot of this candle, a little should go a long way.

With a low melting point of 45c (a similar temperature to a warm bath) you should not have any problems with this special natural wax blend burning you. However do stop heating once the wax melts and do not keep heating.



‘Sensual’ Soy Massage Candle uses / benefits include:
  • Dry skin areas to replenish and nourish the skin
  • Relaxation & Calming
  • Relieve tension in muscles
  • Moisturise and condition skin



How to use the ‘Sensual’ Soy Massage Candle

Light candle and burn, allowing a pool of wax to form then stop heating by blowing out the candle.

Pour the wax directly from the jar onto the skin.

We recommend as always a small skin test is advisable to ensure that there is no allergic reaction to the oil.


Please Note : Not recommended for face and avoid all contact with eyes.


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