Natural and Organic Essential Oils

A wonderful collection of 100% pure, natural and organic essential oils all at a great price. 

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The fantastic benefits of Essential oils have been well-known for millennia, used by many cultures for a wide range of purposes such as ritual worship, cosmetics and perfumes.

The earliest records of the production of essential oils are from Ibn al-Baitar (1188- 1248), a chemist, physician and a pharmacist from Andalusia, but any medical claims for these oils are now subject to regulation.

Most Essential oils are extracted by distillation, this produces a final liquid of oil and water, the oil rises to the top and is filtered off. In some instances the essential oils are partially soluble so mix in the water and in these cases the water that is recovered as a flower water, rose and orange water are examples.

Other methods of extraction are “expression”, citrus oils are obtained by this method.

The “Enfleurage” method is used for plants that are too delicate and would be destroyed by the distillation method.

The expression “Essential Oil”, the oil of the plant, refers to the Essence of the plants fragrance not that it is nutritionally essential to a living organism.

Organic Essential oils are complex substances; aimed at treating the whole person mind, body and spirit with the oils used to support and strengthen the person to fight disease.

The healthcare community view, the use of oils as medicine as pseudoscience, but studies have shown that certain essential oils may prevent drug-resistant strains of pathogens, like Candida. Some oils also have Anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.

The most effective way for the oils to enter the body is externally by a massage or inhalation, and they leave no toxins behind.

Oral use of oils should only be under supervision and we do NOT advise it! Several of the essential oils that are safe for use externally are toxic when taken internally. Always adhere to usage guide-lines! Using organic essential oils should be pleasurable as well as therapeutic so make sure you use them safely.

Alternative medicine/ therapy’s use essential oils in Aromatherapy treatments, which involve the oils either being diluted in a carrier oil for a massage treatment or burned as incense or heated in an oil burner over a candle flame, and are used to treat a variety of ailments. (Always consult a practioner / doctor for usage of oils as medicine).

There is nothing quite like top quality lavender oil in a footbath after a hard day on your feet. Or use oils diluted in hot of cold water and used as a compress for the treatment of boils, abscesses, muscular pain and joint pains.

Aromatherapy ascribes the healing effects of the aromatic compounds in essential oils, these are not necessarily false but hard to quantify due to the variety of materials used.

Modern aromatherapy was developed in the 20th century when a small group of researchers investigated the antiseptic properties of essential oils. These oils were used in WW1 to treat trench foot and infected wounds.[/su_expand]

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