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Baby Suffering Teething Symptoms? Here’s 8 Natural Teething Remedies

8 Natural Teething Remedies To Help Soothe

A major milestone in your babies development is the appearance of their first tooth. Sadly though, the arrival doesn’t always go smoothly – it can be a testing time for both you and your baby, as there will inevitably be some discomfort involved, and often teething symptoms can lead to yet more sleepless nights and grumpy behaviour.

As with all things related to babies and children, your own experience may vary but teething generally starts at around 6 months. However, whenever it starts, by their third birthday your baby will normally have a complete set of teeth.

Milk Teeth

These milk teeth will last until around the age of six, when they will begin to be replaced by adult teeth.

Although some infants sail through the whole teething process with little difficulty, for others it can be a real ordeal. Unfortunately there’s nothing we as parents can do to speed the growth, but there are ways to relieve the discomfort a little.


Teething Symptoms

There are usually some warning signs that a tooth is on its way, and these can include…

  • An increase in salivation or drooling
  • An intensified tendency for your baby to bite down on toys (or even people!)
  • Flushed cheeks and swollen or red gums
  • And a general malaise shown through loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping and irritability

Many parents will tell you that teething symptoms are often accompanied by other problems such as stomach upsets or colds, although most medical experts say that there is no real connection.

Young children are more or less constantly fighting off one bug or another, and so any signs of illness appearing together with teething are probably just a coincidence.


8 fantastic, natural teething remedies

Traditional remedies for teething symptoms include rubber biting rings, which works with your baby’s natural inclination to bite down on things.  Keeping the ring in the refrigerator when not in use will also provide a cooling sensation.

Another more traditional option is a teething gel that can be applied to the gums or smeared onto a dummy if the biting reflex means direct application to the gums is risky for the parent!

Teething powders are also available, which consist of a sachet of crystals which you can pour into your baby’s mouth, and seem to prove more effective than gels for some children.

However we’d wanted to look into and help you find some wonderful natural alternative remedies for your babies teething symptoms and we’ve listed eight of these below…


1. Frozen Kitchen Towel

We’ll start with a nice simple remedy that’s available to everyone. Once you’ve washed your laundry, grab something along the line of a thin kitchen towel or muslin cloth, tie a knot in it and put in straight into the freezer.

Then once frozen let your baby chew on the knot, allowing the cold towel to reduce inflammation and also fulfil their need to chew down and clench their gums.

As an extra tip, why not try soaking the towel in some chamomile tea before freezing it. See point number 6. for why we suggest Chamomile tea.


2. Ginger Peel

With Ginger being a natural anti inflammatory, try peeling some fresh ginger and gently rubbing a slice of it on your babies gums for around two minutes. The reason this can work is, it helps reduce pain as it soothes the nerve endings in the gums.


3. A Toothbrush

A super simple remedy is to get your baby used to using a toothbrush from early on, by allowing them to chew on one, promoting good dental health. Get a childrens soft bristle toothbrush so it’s not too hard on the gums, and as they chew it will give their gums a gentle massage.


4. Frozen Food In A Mesh Feeder

Mashing all natural ingredients such as carrots, apples and bananas and placing them in a mesh feeder offers both pain relief and a healthy treat.


5. Massage your babies gums

Teething pain is often triggered by the unequal pressure caused by the new tooth.

To help neutralize the imbalance, you can gently massage your baby’s gums with your finger. Not only does the pressure brought by your finger relieve teething pain but it also improves blood circulation in the gums to ease the new tooth into coming out.

Using your index finger, slowly rub and massage your babies gums. Start gently but slowly build to a firmer massage and if you cannot feel any teeth yet, allow them to chew on a knuckle.

6. Chamomile

When massaging your babies gums, try using some Chamomile to help calm and relax the nerve endings.

You can do it in a couple of ways including essential oil but we are a little wary of using essential oil with infants, so suggest the best way is to make a weak chamomile tea and once cooled pour it into an ice cube tray and place in the freezer.  

Once frozen you can mash it up and put it in a mesh feeder (see above) or just put the ice cube in a clean tea towel or muslin and allow you baby to chew on it. Make sure you tie a knot to secure it tightly and ensure your baby does not choke.


7. Green Onions

Once grilled or cooked this vegetable makes a great rubbery, chewy teething remedy that babies can easily chomp on and you know its 100% natural. Green onions contain essential inflammatory substituents that can help with teething pain.

Make sure you cut the green part off of long green onions, add a small amount of salt to the remaining white part before cooking.


8. Liquorice root sticks

Another option is to let your baby chew or suck on natural liquorice sticks. Instead of warming the gums like clove, liquorice cools your baby’s mouth and gums while slightly mumbing it to soothe pain caused by teething.

It has a lovely sweet taste, and as chewed will release its natural essential oils acting as an inflammatory, that will help numb the gums.

Please note: We do not mean liquorice sweets!  These are just sugary sweets that are NOT good for you baby.



Hopefully your baby will overcome their teething symptoms without too much pain involved, finally developing into a healthy toothy grin. But if you’re finding teething is a problem, then remember that it doesn’t last forever, and keep counting those teeth as they arrive!


Let Us Know

Do you know of any fantastic natural remedies, that help with your childs teething symptoms?

Our other readers would love to hear in the comments below…

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