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Top 10 essential natural products to put on you travel checklist

Top 10 natural product essentials to take on your travels Let's take a quick look at some fantastic natural products…

4 months ago

Fancy taking yoga classes in India? Here’s 6 amazing yoga retreats

Fancy yoga classes in India? Try these amazing yoga retreats Modern life can be hectic, and it has become more…

8 months ago

7 Natural Remedies for Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety We take a look at some of the everyday causes of anxiety and offer seven natural remedies…

9 months ago

Yoga for depression – Is Yoga a good natural remedy for depression?

Is Yoga a good natural remedy for depression? Have you tried using yoga for depression? Those struggling with depression know…

10 months ago

Can face yoga help make you look younger or even slow ageing?

Can Yoga can have an anti-ageing effect if done properly? We take a look into links between yoga and ageing,…

1 year ago

Natural Ways to Get Into Shape After Pregnancy

Tips for Getting Your Body Back After Pregnancy These tips are for any mum who wants to get into shape…

1 year ago

Using essential oil for your yoga practice & 12 great essential oil recipes

Using essential oils with your yoga practice If you enjoy both yoga and essential oils, you might be interested in ways you…

2 years ago

Top Holiday Destinations for the Best Yoga Retreats & Fitness Breaks

The Best Yoga Retreats, Meditation & Fitness Breaks I enjoy travelling a lot, well it’s my job which I’m blessed to…

2 years ago

Stay fit & healthy – 20 five minute mind & body fitness exercises

5 min daily exercise routines to keep the whole body fit & healthy We've compiled 20 simple, easy to learn 5…

3 years ago

How to relieve stress with these 11 Activities

Use these 11 activities to help reduce stress levels now

3 years ago

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