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Herbal & Natural Remedies

A selection of fantastic herbal & natural remedies to help ease the symptoms of health issues.

Feel better using nature….

Are you affected by seasonal affective disorder It is thought that over 2 million people in the UK suffer from an illness called SAD,

Natural remedies for common problems with feet Suffer from cracked feet, toenail fungus or just tired sore feet? Your feet are probably among the most

Natural ways to help your hair Do you ever feel like your hair just won’t grow any longer? Or that it looks flat and

Natural remedies for seasonal allergies The allergy season is once more with us. If you are one of the thousand of allergy sufferers whose

What is Crohn’s Disease? So what is Crohn’s disease? Well, if you suffer from abdominal pain and excessive diarrhea may have Crohn’s disease. We take a look

Soothing bed sores While bed sores are easily avoidable with proper precautionary measures they remain a risk for anyone who’s bedridden – you, your loved

Can’t sleep? Try these natural sleep remedies Big day tomorrow, interview, exam, vacation? Do you always struggle to sleep the night before a big

Grandmas Old Wives Tales My grandmother was full of helpful sayings, I used to think she was pulling my leg BUT was Nan right after

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