Greenwashing is a process of marketing a product as 100% pure & natural, when it is not.

Greenwashing exists in todays cosmetics and beauty products industry, we cover this subject in this section….

Sustainable Living Habits:Ways to Reduce Your Consumer Footprint

Sustainable Shopping Habits: Reduce Your Consumer Footprint It’s no secret there are many less-than-ethical practices used throughout the retail industry,…

2 years ago

Why Natural Skin Care Products Are A Must! Harmful Ingredients To Avoid

Harmful Ingredients to Avoid in Your Skincare Products Do you make a habit of reading the labels on skin care…

2 years ago

Why you must use silicone free shampoo

Why using shampoo without silicone in is a must! We all want healthy hair that is smooth, shiny and free of frizz.…

3 years ago

Greenwashing – Shocking truth about your beauty products

What is Greenwashing? Greenwashing is a practice that is being increasingly used in the cosmetics and body care industry, as we…

4 years ago

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