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9 Surprising Health Benefits of Green Tea

Why Drink Tea? especially Green Tea

Tea has been drunk for thousands of years, for example in China it has been drunk for weight loss, prevention against hangovers and even a reduction to the common cold but we look into some of the more surprising advantages of drinking tea everyday and in particular the benefits of green tea.

Although tea comes in many varieties green, black, white, pu-erh and oolong dependent on how the leaves are processed, all tea comes from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, ‘true tea’, which contains antioxidants, polyphenols, phytochemicals and even fluoride.

The natural components of tea do have known prevention and healing properties and because green tea goes through the least amount of processing it contains more of them.

Green tea is withered and unfermented leaving the tea with a greener flavor whilst black tea is 100% fermented or oxoidised, this oxidization gives black tea a much stronger flavour but with less of the goodness.

TIP : The longer that you let the tea brew, the more of the healthy flavonoids that are contained in the leaves are released and if you don’t like the taste why not try green tea with lemon or jasmine.

What are the surprising health benefits of Green Tea?

1.  Sunscreen – A study by the Department of Dermatology, Ohio looked into possible benefits of green tea being that it may act as a back-up screen.

Here’s a quote “Polyphenolic extracts of green tea are effective chemopreventive agents for many of the adverse effects of sunlight on human health and may thus serve as natural alternatives for photo protection”

2.  Fluoride is found naturally in tea, especially green tea but go for a good brand of green tea as there can be excessive amounts of fluoride contained in cheaper brands

3.  Learning and Memory – A study by the Department of Medical Genetics, Third Military Medical University, China showed that the polyphenols in green tea may help maintain the sections of the brain that regulate learning and memory

4.  Lowered risk of Infection – Catechins contained in green tea inhibit bacterial growth so the risk of infection is lowered

5.  Dental Health – The Catechins mentioned in point 4 also help with dental health

6.  Eyesight – A 2010 study by Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences in Hong Kong found that green tea had a positive affect on eye tissue, especially the tissue related to the retina

7. Reduce Allergic Reactions – A Japanese study in 2007 found that the polyphenals in Green Tea, EGCG, may help reduce allergic reactions. Another study found that a flavonol that naturally occurs in tea, quercetin is also known to tame histamine response.

8.  Better than Fruit and Veg – Green Tea has 10 times more polyphenols than fruit and vegetables

9.  High in Antioxidants – One cup of green tea has a larger antioxidant effect than a serving of strawberries, broccoli, spinach or carrots

Other health benefits

1. Alzheimers and Parkinsons – Your green tea brew contains bioactive compounds that protects the neurons so could reduce the onset of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

2. Reduce risk of Diabetes – Trials done on green tea drinkers have shown a mild lowering in blood sugars, so long term one of the big benefits of green tea includes reducing the risk of type II diabetes

3. Lower risk of Heart disease – Always in the Health News, Heart disease is on the increase so it’s worth knowing that observations have also shown that drinking green tea can lower the risks of cardiovascular disease and the decrease of body fat especially in the abdominal area

What alternatives are there to Green Tea?

Made from plants, flowers, herbs and seeds Herbal Tea plays a key part in Ayurvedic and traditional medicine.

They supply the body with a large number of antioxidants and flavonoids depending on which kind of herbal tea is drunk, which can help heal, assist with sleep and reduce stress.

There are many herbal teas on the market and a hot cup of a herbal tea can be just the pick me up the doctor ordered!

Here’s a wide variety of herbs that have healing properties….

Rooibos tea is a natural decaffeinated tea from the Aspalathus linearis bush found in South Africa, so not technically a tea but a herbal tea .

This brew has been found to be effective as an anti inflammatory and useful in treating acne and eczema.

As this tea contains no caffeine or tannins it can be drunk without caffeine highs.

Rooibos tea is very good for the immune system.

Basil is antibacterial and the natural oils contained constrain the drug resistant strains of E. Coli. Great aid to help freshen the breath

Chamomile, aids when suffering with anxiety

Dandelion well known as a weed but this gardener’s nightmare is full of essential minerals and vitamins

Ginger is soothing for upset stomachs and motion sickness

Hibiscus Loaded with vitamin C so good for the immune system. Can be drunk if you have high blood pressure and to help lower bad cholesterol

Lavender helps with sleep problems

Lemon Balm helps with headaches and to inhibit viruses such as herpes and even HIV

Nettle Taken on a regular basis can help with urinary tract infections and bladder and kidney concerns

Peppermint helps with digestive problems and as a decongestant when suffering with a cold

Raspberry Leaf helps relieve menstrual cramping

Rosehips are full of Vitamin C, more than 20 times that is contained in an orange, so a great boost to the immune system

Sage helps to fight colds and sore throats

To Conclude

So we hope you can now see the benefits of green tea. In fact, herbal teas, green and black tea the choices are varied and wide and by drinking tea it would seem that we can help our health without manufactured chemicals.

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