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Real life stories – How essential oils changed my life

Essential Oils – real life stories

We spoke to a wide range of people to get their real life stories about essential oils and their life changing properties.

Sometimes we don’t realize how important our health is until it is compromised in some way. But it seems to be that in the face of declining health our desire to look for answers in areas that aren’t quite as conventional grows.

This has been the case for a lot of people who have been drawn to essential oils.

The benefits of essential oils aren’t talked about much in the mainstream media, but online communities, articles and research reveal a world that makes you wonder why they’re not talked about more!

But why should we wait until we need have a health issue to enjoy the benefits of essential oils?

Why not enhance our state of well-being now?

Can Essential oils really help?

Essential oils can help you explore what it feels like to be truly healthy, inside and out.

Even if it’s just getting a better night’s sleep by using Lavender oil at night to help you relax and calm anxious thoughts, or using citrus oils to put a spring in your step when you wake in the morning.

Getting a great nights sleep can make all the difference!

Health is often wrongly thought of as the absence of illness, when in actual fact, feeling healthy encompasses a wide range of things, such as your state of mind, self-esteem, home/work life.

Invest in your health

When you begin to really invest in your health, different avenues and options can open up to you and it can benefit each of these areas of your life in some way.

But changing a person’s life… how can someone’s life be changed by an essential oil?

Well, we asked some of the people whose lives have been positively affected by the power of essential oils and are more than happy to tell you in the following testimonials…

Real life stories…

Emma* explained her dramatic health story and how essential oils helped turn her life around:

Essential oils saved my life

“I almost died 3 times in 2014, hospitalized, 2 surgeries and three times I caught pneumonia from the hospital. It made me doubt our common medical practices (allopathic medicine), so I began to search for another way to stay healthy.

I found Essential Oils! After a couple of months, I thought I should take a certification course to be more informed about the uses of essential oil, and am very pleased that I did take the course.

I now make blends, or use single oils, for any medical issue I get.

I am 74 years old and now, over 2 years later, I am healthier than I was in the 10 years preceding my 2014 medical problems. I have not seen a doctor since Jan 2015!

Essential oils changed my life and health for the better!”

Essential oils and depression

Essential oils have been attributed to be mood-boosting. Many studies have shown their anxiety-relieving properties.

Interviewee Alexa confirmed this:

“The main reason I got into essential oils a year ago was because of severe depression. I didn’t want to be on medication so I did some research on lifestyle changes/diet/natural options and decided to start with citrus oils for uplifting my mood and helping my energy levels and it certainly worked!

It wasn’t a miracle cure since nothing ever is…but I was able to feel like I had risen out of “the pits of life” as it were, and could handle life again.

After that, I moved on to researching the other types of benefits and other oils…and it has evolved to where I am now taking Aromatherapy certification courses so I can help others too.”

Another interviewee shared that her husband was able to get off anxiety medication and antidepressants since starting diffusing oils.

Not too shabby!

Essential oils changed my career

Sometimes the passion for essential oils grows so much that the desire for a career where essential oils can be utilized is opened up.

“After two decades of nursing and watching my profession change about 12 years ago or so, I started learning about herbs and alternative modalities.

Essential oils were a natural next step and have just finished with my second certification in Aromatic studies.

I love being able to help clients the way I used to be able to help them at the hospital… by teaching them how to take control of their own healthcare.

Personally I have no serious illnesses myself but infusing oils and learning about them have saved others and me!”Ida Garrett

Essential oil passion

Some people go their entire life without realizing what they are truly passionate about. The following interviewees shared that they found their passion lay in their discovery of essential oils…

Jenna Culhane explained:

“For me, it has been my new hobby when I need a break from being mommy. My husband works two jobs so I can stay home to work with our 3 year old who has a feeding aversion and cerebral palsy.

But it’s nice to have something that benefits not just me but my whole family in so many ways. I love learning about essential oils!”

Alternative medicine

“Alternative” medicine and natural remedies used to be widely used and well-recognized health care modality. This was until traditional allopathic medicine started to be heavily funded to beat out competition and took over the majority of western health-care.

So alternative methods of healing aren’t as widely used in the western world not because of its inefficiency, but rather because it has been pushed aside in favor of other methods with greater access to funding.

Essential oils are part of what is grouped as alternative medicine and have plenty of research and anecdotal evidence behind them to back up their many qualities.

Oils as an alternative to Pharmaceuticals

Midwife, Melissa Kenney Slaght, said:

“Using EOs and herbs both personally and with my patients has allowed me to avoid pharmaceuticals numerous times. I’ve helped with headaches, nausea, hot flashes, plus many other issues”

Jill Wall Beddingfield also wanted to look at alternative options to pharmaceuticals:

“I have never like taking meds. Motrin was about as strong of a medication I’d take (aside from the very occasional antibiotic). I started a more natural path for body care a few years ago, which led me to essential oils. But they seemed so out of reach financially, until I found Plant Therapy.

Since using oils I have gone from taking over an hour to falling asleep at night down to 10-20 minutes tops. On top of that a side effect has been that the night sweats I had been having for 3 or 4 years the few days leading up to my period have disappeared.

Since May, the month I started using and diffusing oils, I haven’t had one night sweat. Also, they’ve cut cold times from 2 weeks to 2 or 3 days. I am absolutely amazed.

Oh! And my cramps have gone from 2 -3 days to just 1, and they are only mild since using oils to take the pain away.”

One of the interviewees noted that…

Essential oils can be an expensive investment, but well worth it!

Popular Essential Oils

We also asked our interviewees and researched what the most popular and diverse oils were.

From that, some of the favorite essential oils that we would recommend for first time buyers are:


  • Good for anxiety
  • Gives a better nights sleep
  • Speeds up skin healing


  • Relieves headaches
  • Boosts energy
  • ADHD support


  • Reduces inflammation
  • Natural aphrodisiac
  • Alleviates muscle and menstrual pain

Tea Tree Oil:

To have a look at some of the benefits of tea tree oil, check infographic below!

Infographic from : Odylique

Whether you feel fine or whether you’re in need and searching for answers, essential oils could open the door to feeling better than you have done before!

We’d love to know your real life stories. Have Essential oils changed your life?

Or what is your fave Oil. Please let us know in the comments below….

*Name requested to be changed for privacy reasons

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    Essential oils are definitely going to help, especially the mental aspect of the body.

    Thank you for sharing some more knowledge on essential oils and aromatherapy!

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