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Cracked feet, toenail fungus or other foot problems? Try these wonderful natural remedies

Natural remedies for common problems with feet

Suffer from cracked feet, toenail fungus or just tired sore feet?

Your feet are probably among the most ill-treated and neglected parts of your body.

After all, they carry practically the entire body weight when you’re standing or walking, which in turn is straining the muscles, joints and blood vessels around those parts.

Plus, there’s a whole load of issues caused by years of dirty socks and ill-fitting shoes.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably had your fair share of foot problems.


Toe nail fungus or cracked feet? Try these great natural remedies…

Fortunately, there are a number of all-natural solutions for common problems such as toenail fungus or cracked feet, that can help your feet feel happier and healthier despite the daily strain.


1) Put Your Feet Up

One of the quickest – but also one of the most effective – ways to prevent foot problems is to elevate your feet.

Many foot problems are caused by blood pooling down to the feet after long periods of standing or sitting.

Blood is naturally pulled down by gravity and it’s a lot more difficult to pump blood to the feet than it is to get it back up to the heart.

This poor blood circulation can cause problems such as edema and varicose veins, especially in pregnant women.

So after a long day at work, it’s a good idea to lie on the floor and prop your legs against a wall to help your blood find its way back.

In fact, it’s best to lie down or put your feet up on a stool periodically after long periods of sitting down to help the blood vessels in your feet, after all that strain.

Not only is this great for circulation, it also gives your feet glorious, instant relief from carrying around the weight of your body.

Try it now and see just how good it makes your feet feel!



2) Give ‘Em a Hot and Cold Bath

Foot baths are always relaxing and comfortable, especially for sore, tired feet.

Take yours one step further by alternating your foot bath with hot and cold water.

Known as contrast hydrotherapy, many people find this an effective way to relieve foot pain. While it probably won’t cure that tendinitis in itself, it will at least provide relief.

The Journal of Lymphoedema also notes that contrast hydrotherapy can help both improve and prevent problems with lymphatic circulation.


Easy to do at home

It’s easy to do a DIY hot-and-cold treatment at home. Just fill a basin full of comfortably hot water. Make sure to check the temperature to ensure it isn’t scalding.

If you like, you can add a drop or two of lavender or peppermint essential oil for an extra calming, olfactory sensation. Beside it, fill another basin with cold water.

Alternate your feet between the basins, soaking them for at least five minutes before transferring to the other basin.

You don’t even need to dedicate a special time towards it.

You can have your hot-and-cold soak while you’re watching television or sorting through your mail.

Experience comfort in no time at all!

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3) Slather on some honey

Another common podiatric woe is dry, cracked feet. Because of extreme temperatures, low-quality footwear and aging, the skin of your feet can dry out easily, making them prone to cracks and fungal infection.

Don’t fear, however, as one of the most effective remedies could be sitting right in your pantry. All you have to do is to walk on over to your kitchen and slather some honey on your feet.

All you have to do, then, is watch the dryness disappear before your eyes and your cracked feet heal.

Honey after all, is a well-documented humectant. That is, it naturally attracts moisture from the atmosphere. It also retains water onto your skin by forming water-retaining hydrogen bridges with the water.

Leave a layer of it on your feet for at least fifteen minutes to rejuvenate the outer, drier layers of your skin. You can then wash it off with water.

This is also a great remedy for those prone to fungal infections, as honeys antimicrobial properties are well-documented.

This is due to high levels of sugars, flavonoids and phenolic acids, all of which can help keep that pesky athlete’s foot at bay.


4) Tea Tree Oil Your Toenails

While honey can help prevent fungal infections, it might not be enough for some of the most stubborn ones.

Stubborn toenail infections or onychomycosis, in particular, can be persistent.

One quick, natural solution is to apply a few drops of diluted tea tree oil to the affected nail.

Tea tree oil both helps inhibit the growth of fungus as well as kill it off.

A word of warning, however. Make sure to do an allergy test before applying tea tree oil. Rub a small patch of it on your antecubital fossa (the thin patch of skin opposite your elbow) and leave for thirty minutes.

If a rash develops, look for another remedy.

The American Contact Dermatitis Society determined that about 1.4% of participants in a study are allergic to tea tree oil.

So test yourself to make sure it’s safe to use.


5) A Good Old Foot Rub

A foot massage can do wonders.

It helps relax the tight, tired muscles of the feet and improve blood flow to the area. Even if you don’t have anyone around to give you a foot massage, it’s super easy to do one on your own.

This can be the most amazing relief after a long day of sitting, standing or walking around, especially in combination with a hot-and-cold soak.

Besides, the benefits of a good old foot rub extend to far more than just happier feet.

A study in the journal Intensive Care and Critical Nursing found that critically ill patients who got five-minute foot rubs experienced a significant decrease in heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate.

This indicates that a good foot massage relaxes the entire body. Just the thing anyone needs after a busy day.

Why not try this foot massage you can do at home with tennis balls…

If it’s not just your feet that need a self massage, make sure you check out our ’20 five min exercises’ for easy to follow neck, hand and face self massage exercises.


Look after your feet

Given that your feet are among the most hard-working parts of your body, be sure not to ignore foot troubles.

They might not seem like a big deal at first, but remember that they can build up over time to more serious issues.

Foot problems at the first stage can be treated effectively by natural remedies! You can visit Shoestracker to find more about them.


Let Us Know…

Nothing beats walking around on feet that feel comfortable and fresh!

Please let us know in the comments below if any of the above tips worked for you.

Or, if you have any other remedies for cracked feet, nail fungus or other foot problems, that we didn’t cover here, we’d love to hear about them!


Lilly Derrah

Lilly Derrah is the founder of ShoesTracker, a foot health blog dedicated to provide honest foot health advice and information. She aspires to help her readers improve their foot heath condition by sharing personal tips learned through both years of experience and thorough research. Follow her on Twitter @lillyderrah to learn more about Lilly and her work.

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