How to Make DIY Recycled Eco Sandals from Old Tyres

Upcycling Old Used Tyres

Old tyres can be very useful items when it comes to recycling.  From tyre swings, planters, art or even houses. However, an idea we love here at Calm Happy Healthy is how to upcycle old tyres into a fantastic pair of sustainable eco sandals.

The Maasai Warriors from Kenya have been recycling old used tyres to make footwear for generations, long lasting and easy to do.

So why not have a go at making your own pair of recycled tyre eco sandals?

Global Tyre problem

With hundreds of millions of tyres being discarded around the world each year finding a way to dispose of them is a major global problem.

Stockpiling used tyres creates serious hazards such as uncontrollable fires whilst burning tyres gives off harmful compounds into the environment.

Eco-friendly recycling of tyres is something that is being looked into. For example valorisation, which is industrial scale processing of waste materials and turning them into other products or sources of energy.

Along with this, is the idea of tyre to tyre recycling, where the material is reused to make further tyres.

What are tyres made of?

Trying to find efficient recycling technologies for tyres however is not easy due to their composition.

Made of rubber, steel, some additives and carbon black tyres are very difficult to break down and separate their components, making them very hard to break down.

How to make Eco Sandals from Old Tyres

So why not do your little bit, however small and make your own eco flip flops. Here’s how…

This first video from Urban Self Sufficiency shows how simple it can be to make your own eco sandals.

It runs through fairly fast in the video, so to help we’ve split it up into a step by step guide with images below….

PLEASE NOTE: Be very very careful with sharp tools. If you are not an expert with tools that are sharp enough to cut through tyres, we advise you get help. And ALWAYS wear and use safety equipment.

A step by step guide

Here’s a step by step guide with images of the above video from Urban Self Sufficiency….

1. Measure and mark enough tyre for each flip flop using another sandal you have

2. CAREFULLY cut away your two marked sections from the tyre

3. Take your pieces of cut tyres and draw around an existing flip flop, ready for cutting

4. Gently and carefully cut around the markings of your flip flops and trim to get nice smooth edges

Repeat the above for both flip flops.

5. Using your old pair of flip flops mark holes for straps and drill. On the underside, counter sink holes.

6. In this video they use existing old flip flop straps, which you then push through the holes

If you do not want to use or don’t have existing straps, you can also use paracord. Knotting it on the underneath and then weaving different strands together to create a braided strap.

7. And that’s it, your finished. You now have a fantastic pair or Eco flip flops. That should last a very long time too!

Big thanks to Urban Self Sufficiency!

Another video on how to make upcycled flip flops…

Here’s another great video from our good friends at The Eden Project here in the UK. Offering some insight into where rubber comes from, along with how it is extracted and a small list of products made from rubber.

This is followed by a quick guide on how to make used tyre flips flops. They do is slightly differently, drawing around a foot instead of an old flip flop, using a chisel instead of a knife (maybe safer if you are not skilled with sharp knives) and the straps are from an old seat belt, so further recycling.

Let Us Know

We’d love to hear in the comments below if you tried to make your own eco sandals?  How did you get on? Were they comfy? Was it easy to do?

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