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8 Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits & Why it’s a must have!

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8 Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

Natural Himalayan crystal rock salt was formed in the foothills of the Himalayas millions of years ago. The way that this natural rock salt can clear a room of ions built up over time, due to the amount of electrical devices in our homes is one of the biggest Himalayan salt lamp benefits.


himalayan salt lamp


Scientific research has shown that the amount of negative ions in a room can affect our emotional and physical wellbeing.

The less negative ions surrounding us the worse we feel, with one-third of the population particularly sensitive to negative-ion depletion.

Just remember how good you feel when you visit the seaside or take a walk after a storm this is the effect that negative ions have on our wellbeing.

Cleaner air leading to greater health benefits are made possible by using a Himalayan Salt Lamp in the home or even office.

So there seems to be no reason not to get a salt lamp to sit along side your house plants, both working together to help purify the air in your home. Read more about how house plants help purify the air we breathe at home here.


Asthma and Allergies

A Himalayan Salt Lamp is like having an open window, like a big source of fresh, clean air. You can help gain soft, fresh air in any room you chose to add one.

This is due to the warm salt chunks removing the contamination in the air caused by dust, pollen and cigarette smoke.

By attracting the moisture in the air that contains the contaminates the salt lamp then evaporates the moisture back into the room but keeps the particles of dust and pollen in the warm salt chunk.




Allergy and Asthma sufferers can benefit from using a HSL as the salt lamp removes the particles of dust, mould, mildew, pet dander from the air in the room and the symptoms that cause allergies should decrease.

Asthma suffers should see benefits after several weeks.



Our homes and offices are filled with electronic devices and these give off positively charged ions, which are not good for us.

By breathing lots of positive ions the hairs in the windpipe become sluggish, not working as effectively to keep the airborne particles from the lungs and causing those irritating coughs.

So by using a HSL the positive ions are removed from the air and are replaced by negative ions helping to keep the lungs clear.


Sleep Disruption

Research has shown that colour affects our bodies and some doctors advise not to use blue light after sunset as it can disrupt sleep hormones.

Lot of modern light sources are blue such as cell phones, tablets, TVs and computers which all emit blue light.


The warm orange glow of a Himalayan salt lamp is similar to candle glow of a campfire and so makes a great nightlight and does not have a negative affect on sleep.



SAD or seasonal affective disorder affects many people in the northern hemisphere, when the days get shorter many people feel lethargic and depressed.

The warm glow given off by a Himalayan Salt Lamp is close to the warm glow of sunshine so they can relieve the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder.


Concentration and Mood

The lack of negative ions in our bodies affects our concentration and mood. So by using a Himalayan Salt Lamp at the end of the day it can help by adding negative ions to our body which improves blood and oxygen supply to the brain and other organs.

The boost of serotonin can then possibly help to increase happiness and lift your mood.


Environmental Light Source

The lamps can use a low-wattage bulb which consume a small amount of energy, some are even powered by a lit candle. This makes them very environmentally friendly.

environmental light bulb



Electromagnetic Radiation

Our lives are filled with electromagnetic radiation given off by the electronic devices in our homes and offices.

We use cell phones, TVs, computers and other appliances daily and the radiation given off by these device may be invisible but is known to cause chronic fatigue, increase stress levels and decrease the body’s immune response.

So one of the most important Himalayan salt lamp benefits is that it can neutralize the electromagnetic radiation as they emit the negative ions into the air.

By placing the HSL next to your TV or any other electrical device, this will help to reduce the dangers to you and yours.


Energy Levels

The invigorating feeling we get when we spend time in the countryside or at a beach can be had by using a HSL to gain Himalayan salt lamp benefits in our home or office.

Keeping an HSL in a room where you spend most of your time will in several weeks make you feel better.

The positive ions are replaced with negative ones and this will improve the constant tiredness we can feel but have no explanation for.


Breathe freely

breathe freely


Salt miners rarely suffer from respiratory disorders and it has been proven that the curing properties of salt are the reason for this.

The air we breathe is paramount to our health, well-being and efficiency in our everyday lives.

So getting yourself a Himalayan salt lamp can go a long way to helping you and your family breathe more freely at home in the knowledge ions have been rebalanced and dust has been cleaned from the air.


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