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Healthy lifestyle tips to help you gain these 6 great benefits

Healthy Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle

Some of todays big questions when thinking about a creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself include…

Am i eating the right food? getting enough nutrition? Eating too many sugary foods?

Is my work / life balance right?

How much stress is TOO much stress? Am i even addicted to stress?

The way i see it is Healthy living is all about getting a good mix of work and life balance, keeping focus on what’s important in life such as family, health and really making sure you are happy and enjoy the time you have on this earth.


The pace of todays world

Stress has become an everyday part of life, creeping into every sphere of life and can have devastating consequences if not kept in check.

Due to this overblown lifestyle people, struggle to sleep, have less time to think about themselves and especially about their diet.



A healthy diet is a composite of nutrients and vitamins which enrich the mind and the body but people are following inverse trends when it come to daily life routines, they sleep less, eat less or eating the wrong kind of food.

It’s easy to get sucked into money worries and believing materialistic things will make you happy but let’s be honest, that tends to be for a limited time span.

Unlocking the code for long-lasting happiness you need to dive within yourself.

If you eat healthy, rest well and remain relaxed it is going to make the body balanced, which in turn will reflect on your behaviour.


So now, more than ever it’s really important to rejuvenate yourself with a healthy lifestyle, cut out the bad things, get rid of anxiety.


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Try these 6 healthy lifestyle tips

Here are six tips that are easy and quick to get into your life and should help you feel rejuvenated, healthier and hopefully a little happier!


1. Get a good amount of Sleep and don’t be too hard on yourself

Sleep is a major stress buster and can really make a person’s life healthier.

We know it’s easier said than done, sleeping for at least eight hours can be hard to fit in when you have a very busy life BUT in order to make one’s life run smoothly, just try to achieve it at least 2 or 3 times a week to start, begin to notice the difference, see how much more you achieve when you have slept well and then aim to get that up to 4 or 5 times a week.

Slowly but surely we think you’ll feel a lot better and even achieve more in your day time routine.



Too much stress can cause insomnia and the entire day’s schedule will get affected.

The permutations of life are not stagnant, they keep on changing and so do the stress patterns, which in turn drastically affect the sleep patterns of an individual. Thus, in order to lifeguard the normal functioning of the mind and the body, sleep like a baby.


Why not try Music which can cool down the nerves and help you fall asleep, faster and for longer even. Binaural beats can actually help relax the mind and make you sleep well.


2. Happiness – is within you, so make sure you explore it

Take control, be in charge and be happy. Today, man is just running after money, as he thinks money brings happiness, for some it might but for most there’s something deeper to happiness.

It is programming your mind to be in sync with your emotions which in turn sends signals to the body to function properly.

No matter how busy you are, you should take time out and make impromptu road trips or family outings. Such trips can really make you feel good and at ease. Plan an outing or try cycling into the middle of the woods, it can switch off your bad mood within seconds.

Try and find a hobby that makes you more Calm. According to a recent survey, people who practice ten minutes of yoga in their daily regime reach an exorbitant level of serenity.

The mind becomes calm and life becomes easy. It may sound vague but it is proven through intricate study that the neural network of the brain can be positively effected through consistent practice.


3. Detox with greens and veggies

Eat fresh! Boost your metabolism and kick-start your day!

Artichokes benefit the liver like no other food by aiding the production of bile in the liver and makes the digestion process simpler. It is also rich in magnesium, protein, fiber, folate and potassium.

Avocados are a great antioxidant and release stress like no other food, they have also been shown to slow down the process of ageing.

Add some natural berries to your daily diet as they are proven to give best results if one is on a strict weight loss regime. Berries also lower the blood sugar levels and improve heart rate too.

Other detox food items may include – lemon grass, turmeric, green tea, garlic, ginger, honey, yogurt etc which boost the metabolic rate in the human body. These foods are not only beneficial but also strengthen the immune system of the body.

Instead of grabbing a pre made bottle of juice with artificial sweeteners and flavors from the shops, jolt your immune system with fresh fruit smoothies and shakes as they encapsulate all the required vitamins and minerals which are required for a healthy lifestyle.

Give your body the desired look and feel great from within by eating high fiber fruits and vegetables.


4. Use Natural, organic and herbal based products for a truly healthy lifestyle

Using natural creams and beauty products is essential for a healthy lifestyle and something we strongly believe in here at Calm Happy and Healthy!

Greenwashing is a new terminology used for selling beauty products in the mass market. Major brand labels promise their products to be 100 percent safe, chemical free, natural and pure, when the truth can be anything but and really they are just actually pitching their products by using masked branding strategies to create higher sales.

So, think before you apply a certain product on your skin and do not clog the pores of your skin by masking it with layers of makeup. Skin requires oxygen which lowers the melatonin levels and strengths the collagen fibres which beat the aging process.

If possible one should use DIY homemade beauty products, remedies and herbs to detoxify their skin. Homemade fruit facials with freshly ground seeds can be a great way to treat your skin and save money too!

Rose water can be used as a natural makeup remover and also unclog pores. The main agenda here, is to become aware and minimize skin problems and diseases like cancer, skin burns, pimples etc.

Why not reduce the amount of chemicals in your life further by making your own DIY household cleaning products?


5. Don’t become a slave to technology

Excessive use of technology has sabotaged our freedom to live a truly free, creative, healthy life. The urge to constantly check and multi-task is just not healthy.

Technology has taken away mental peace, intruded upon personal space and has gobbled away freedom from work from one’s life.

Technological items like mobile phones, laptops, etc have no doubt made our life simpler by saving on time, but it has also enslaved us and made us addicted to constantly spending time on our devices.

According to Dr. Rosen…

There is no way you can avoid the technology revolution. It’s here and it’s going to stay. You can control how it impacts you

So just keep that mobile phone away, look beyond the panoramic view of your mobile phone camera and enjoy some quality time with your family and kids. It will surely detox your mind and boost the production of anti-stress hormones inside your brain.

Or why not get away to a remote location, perhaps on something like a yoga retreat, somewhere that does not have phone reception ro WI-FI. A forced technology detox!


6. Burn those extra calories

Hit the treadmill and grab your walking shoes, don’t sit and wait for a miracle to shed those extra pounds. Unhealthy eating and consuming high levels of alcohol affect the body and its metabolic rates drastically.

Exercise and cardio workouts help to elevate your mood as neurotransmitters get activated to work quickly and they help in releasing endorphins (happy hormones), which remove stress from the human body.

Insomnia and bad sleep cycles can be eradicated by doing regular workouts or some sort of physical exercise, even just a nice long walk.

They not only help in shaping your physique but also in escalating your self-confidence and making you feel great from the inside.


Try and keep life as simple as possible

Life is simple so why complicate it. Take time to truly enjoy your life, don’t let it fly by without noticing it!

Reduce stress as this acts like a catalyst in the human body and stops the human body from working in a normal way.

The functioning of the body depends upon the intake of good healthy nutritious food and also the amount of exercise you do. So eat more fresh salad, fruits and cut out those extra calories.

Technology can add to stress if not kept in check, so in order to keep things simple. Use cell phones and other gadgets for a minimal time duration, then hide them and declutter your mind.

A natural healthy lifestyle, avoiding chemicals, bad food and stress should help in living in a much healthier and happier life.

Now go achieve that!!

Andrew Fox

Andrew is the founder and CEO at Aim Workout. He is a passionate fitness professional and triathlete, with years of experience using spinning bikes under his belt. He has also been an avid mountain biker, deep sea diver, rock climbing guide and has spent considerable time learning and practising mixed martial arts. In short, Andrew has a penchant for the wild and extreme.

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