Environment & Sustainability

Our Environment & Sustainability section covers subjects that affect all of us!

We need to make our everyday life more green and eco friendly to help save the planet.

Hopefully this part of our magazine will help you give you the ideas and inspiration to do your bit to help….


Sustainable Living Habits:Ways to Reduce Your Consumer Footprint

Sustainable Shopping Habits: Reduce Your Consumer Footprint It’s no secret there are many less-than-ethical practices used throughout the retail industry,…

2 years ago

Go green & reduce food waste in your home to be more eco friendly

Great ways to reduce food waste at home Food waste is a huge global problem! There is no denying it.…

3 years ago

12 Simple Ways to Go Green with your House Move

Go Green with your House Move No one likes to move but environmentally conscious families dislike it for another reason.…

3 years ago

Be eco friendly when travelling with these 16 sustainable travel hacks

Is it possible to travel and be eco friendly? While we enjoy ourselves on our travels and holidays, Mother Earth…

3 years ago

How to Make DIY Recycled Eco Sandals from Old Tyres

Upcycling Old Used Tyres Old tyres can be very useful items when it comes to recycling.  From tyre swings, planters,…

3 years ago

Can bamboo offer a sustainable future & help save the planet?

How can bamboo help save the planet? Can Bamboo really offer mankind a sustainable future and help save the planet? We…

4 years ago

Plastic Waste – France bans plastic, marine pollution & plastic in food

Reduce plastic waste for your health & environment We are surrounded by plastic. With a great percentage of the products…

4 years ago

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