Gifts for Tea Lovers – ever thought about Pu-erh tea?

We all know a tea lover

Ah, tea. A drink that conjures up so many images and cultural traditions, it’s almost astonishing. There is tea as a sign of elegance, virtually synonymous with English sophistication. And we all know a Tea lover, so we thought we’d take a look at some ideas for great gifts for tea lovers, focusing on the lesser known and very healthy pu-erh tea.

“Wouldn’t it be dreadful to live in a country where they don’t drink tea – Noel Coward”

Then there is the long, rich tradition of tea ceremonies in the Far East. In China, there is the ancient Gong Fu ceremony, in which the tea master who prepares and pours the tea is revered on par with great artists.

For their part, the Japanese have the Cha-no-yu ceremony, perfected by the 16th century master Sen Rikyu.

The Health benefits of Tea

However tea is also practical and quite life-saving. In hot desert climes, cultures have long known that drinking hot tea in sweltering temperatures can actually cool the body down.

Loaded with flavonoids and antioxidants, tea is a true superfood, containing an incalculable number of health benefits.

Here in America, our relationship to tea tends to be limited to dropping a bag of Earl Grey into a cup of hot water and calling it a day.

That’s a shame – and to a true connoisseur of tea, nothing short of an outrage.

You may be surprised to learn that there are, in fact, hundreds of varieties of teas. Yes, you read that correctly. Hundreds!

These varieties of tea are grouped under the following categories: white, green, oolong, black and pu-erh.

Different types of Tea

White tea gives us the bai hao yin zhen, also known as the white hair silver needle tea.

Green tea gives us sencha, houjicha and the well-known matcha, among other varieties. Green tea has a lot of great health benefits too.

Oolong counts the dong ding and pouchong among its many varieties.

Black tea, of course, is the most popular of all tea categories, especially in the United States. Its family includes lapsang souchong, Yunnan and Darjeeling.

Moringa Tea is a delicious tea made from the superfood plant Moringa Oleifera. The health benefits of Moringa are huge, it’s packed full of nutrients. Rich in vitamins A, C, protein, calcium, iron & potassium. Also full of powerful antioxidants, phytonutrients, and 8 essential amino acids.

Last and most extraordinarily of all, there is the pu-erh tea. Cultivated in nutrient-rich soil in the mountains of Yunnan province in Southwestern China, the pu-erh trees take years to reach maturation.

The leaves are then picked by hand, sun-dried over several days, stir-fried in a pan and fermented.

Gifts for tea lovers

How about Pu-erh tea?

An incredibly healthy and natural remedy (as a result of the heavy oxidation), pu-erh tea boasts a robust taste wrapped in a luxurious sensation.

Not as well-known in America, it is deserving of discovery.

Consider a company like Denong Tea, which specializes in sourcing several varieties of pu-erh tea.

If you really want to impress the tea-lover in your life or are eager to savor the qualities of a healthy, culturally rich beverage yourself, take a look at these terrific, savory and thirst-quenching pu-erh teas, as well as these lovely teaware selections.

If they love tea we think they will love these gifts…

An Assortment of Seasonal Pu-erh Teas

A great way to discover the magnificence of pu-erh, with teas suitable for morning, midday, night-time – and even for special celebrations.

Below we’ve listed a small assortment of Pu-erh Teas available….

Pu-erh Tea perfect for the Morning

Jingmai Raw Pu-erh

This variety of pu-erh will give you the burst of energy you’re looking for in the morning. With a powerful orchid aroma, this tea will wake up your senses and brighten you day.

The deep history of the plantations across Jingmai Mountain permeate through the tea, filling you with a rich sense of tradition as you head out into the world.

Wild Ripe Pu-erh

This energetic pu-erh tea is perfect to sip and savor as you start your day. Picked from the wild tea trees growing in a peaceful, mountainous region of China, the leaves that go into this mixed harvest tea are tamed by a light fermentation.

This morning tea provides a boost of caffeine without the jittery side effects of coffee. You’ll put away the Folger’s and never go back to it.

Ancient Arbor Tea Tree Raw Pu-erh

This morning tea harvested from Xishuangbanna in the Yunnan Province is intended to keep things mellow while you appreciate the sunrise and prepare to start your day.

The balanced floral notes oscillate between strong and soothing, giving you a chance to sip your way slowly into the day.

Sunrise Morning Tea

A collection of pu-erh teas perfect to sip and savor as you start your day. You’ll put away the Folger’s and never go back to it.


Elegance of Time Ripe Pu-erh Tea (Over 30 Years Old)

Aged for over 30 years in Yunnan, this is an extraordinary tea, which will be appreciated by true pu-erh connoisseurs and the uninitiated alike. A truly magical flavor experience that no other tea can give you, this tea is best enjoyed in the afternoon.

Early Spring Sweet Clarity Raw Pu-erh

A full-bodied, yet sweet pu-erh tea, this is perfect for sipping on a quiet afternoon. This tea can be brewed dozens of times, so sit back, relax, and continue to enjoy it throughout the day.

You can enhance the flavor and complement the character of this tea by adding honey, rose, or citrus.


Millennium Feng Fragrance Ripe Pu-erh Tea

An aged, ripe pu-erh, made from the best leaves from old arbor tea trees in Yunnan Province, this tea has a mellow and thick aroma alongside a strong sweetness.

An excellent thirst-quenching tea wrapped in an unforgettable flavor experience, this is an ideal tea to drink after dinner as you head into the night.

Millennium Distant Mountains Ripe Pu-erh Tea

An aged, ripe pu-erh tea with an aroma both pure and profound. Harvested from the Xishuangbanna region of China, this tea is famously rare. Due to the delicacy of this tea, it is important to take care when preparing it.

The ritual itself, however, makes this the perfect ceremony to wind down your day.

Early Spring Harvest Elegant Tranquility Pu-erh Tea

A young blend of pu-erh tea with a lovely yet robust floral aroma is renowned for its complex but approachable flavor. This tea is harvested during the cool spring months in the Yunnan region of China from ancient trees blossoming with history.

Enjoy this tea in the evening to relax after a stressful day.

Teaware and Accessories

Of course, true tea-lovers know that this magnificent drink cannot truly be savored and enjoyed unless it is served – and celebrated – appropriately.

How about a tea glass tumbler? With two layers of glass to protect your hands from the heat of the tea, the tumbler has a spill-resistant twist lid and removable fine-mesh filter.

Now brewing your tea becomes an elegant joy.

Anyone who is a regular reader of our online magazine knows we’re being fans of the amazing Bamboo! So why not gift the Tea lover if your life a Bamboo serving tray? You can get some fantastically ornate designs and you are doing your bit to helping save the planet too!

Want to use a pu-erh pick like a Gong Fu master?

A Pu-erh Pick is the perfect tool for breaking loose tea off of pu-erh tea cakes and bricks. Six inches long and made in China, the handle is made of wood and the blade is a durable, rust-resistant stainless steel.

Want to use a pu-erh pick like a Gong Fu master? Check out the video below on the proper use of the pick….

Serving Tea

Proper tea service requires a proper tea towel, naturally. A high-quality bamboo microfibre tea towel is a versatile tool that can be used in the kitchen or when you’re serving tea.

Their absorbent nature is perfect for cleaning up spills and their delicate fibers make it the perfect tool to get your glassware looking better than ever.

An elegant yet practical touch for tea serving.

Just for fun – Lip Balm

We thought we’d finish off with a fun little gift idea for any tea lover in your life. Why not getting them a tea lovers Lip balm set?

We hope this guide some great ideas for different and slightly unusual gifts for tea lovers and if you love Tea yourself we encourage you to give pu-erh tea a go, we know you’ll love it!

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