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Can face yoga help make you look younger or even slow ageing?

Can Yoga can have an anti-ageing effect if done properly?

We take a look into links between yoga and ageing, to see if yoga, especially facial yoga, can help make you look and feel younger. We’ve also included some videos below with a selection of simple to follow face yoga exercises, to help get you started.


About Yoga

Yoga is a group of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines which when done correctly, can have many positive benefits on the body.

It has been around for over 5 thousand years and was developed by the Indus-Sarasvati civilisation in Northern India.

There are many different types of yoga, however the most common are Hatha yoga and Raja yoga but more recently a type of yoga that has become very popular is face yoga.


Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga strengthens the body, relaxes the mind, and opens up our body to a better and healthier way of life. When you perform these disciplines correctly and with intent, you should see fantastic results such as:

  • Better posture
  • Core strengthening
  • Better balance
  • Healthier lifestyle
  • Younger looking body and skin
  • Helps reduce health conditions such as heart disease, fluid retention and more


Remaining active in older age is very important, but what we really wanted to look at in todays article though, is the key elements of Yoga that can help with the bodies anti-ageing process and whether it can truly make you not only feel younger but slow ageing down slightly.



When we get older, we tend to complain about the aches and pains that come with ageing.

Most people have this idea in their head that yoga is just for people who are flexible however; this statement could not be further from the truth.

Yoga creates flexibility. 

First and foremost, spinal flexibility is not only about being comfortable when you sit in a chair or on the floor. Spines can shorten and create that rounded back that so many elderly people live with today.

To prevent this from happening, regular yoga practice will create space between the vertebrae which will help lengthen the spine. This will improve nerve conduction to all organs in the body as well as help prevent a rounded back.




Our bodies work in a very simple way. Take a deep breath in, allow oxygen to run through our organs & veins, then breathe out all of the gases that our body does not need.

The more we breathe correctly, the better our bodies will function.

Yoga increases our lung capacity.

Improving our ability to take more air into our lungs, we increase the energy in our cells.

By increasing our oxygen intake, we also ensure that our skin cells are getting enough nutrients to slow down the ageing process in our skin which will keep our skin plump and rejuvenated.

Increased oxygen levels also reduce our blood pressure, and helps with a healthy digestive system.

A healthy digestive system helps you to fight off bacteria that cause you to be sick. Poor digestion will not kill you but it can make you miserable.


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Our ability to balance involves both our body and our brain working in tandem. When this skill is no longer used much, our brain can begin to forget how to do it.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons estimates that 1 out of 2 women and 1 out of 4 men over the age of 50 will suffer a fracture related to a fall.

The balancing that you learn in your yoga poses, helps you to sync communication between the right and left side of the brain and in turn the rest of the body.

This will improve your agility and can prevent you from having a nasty fall with consequences.



Yoga will build your body strength slowly but safely.

Keeping your muscles moving and strong will increase your protection against some conditions of ageing such as brittle bones or falling down the stairs and taking longer to recover than normal.

Keeping yourself strong also increases your bone density.

Yoga provides a much safer option for keeping your body strong, compared to other high impact or intensity exercises. By doing yoga, you do not apply a lot of stress on your cartilage or joints.

This will also slow down the ageing process and you will be able to walk further and longer than someone who does not do yoga.


Body Awareness

Yoga teaches us to be more mindful and aware of our bodies. It shows us how to pay more attention to our bodies and how to see the warning signs our bodies are trying to tell us.

Yoga will teach you how to notice when you have bad posture, inform us when we are under stress and how to deal with stress in a healthy way.

Stress is a silent killer and by understanding when stress is hitting us as well as how to deal with it, our bodies will not go into over drive.

When our body is exposed to stress hormones for too long, our body begins to work too hard and we start to age faster than we should.


So what is Face yoga?

Yoga doesn’t just start and end with meditation and complex poses. For some people yoga extends beyond the main body… and up to the face.

If you’ve spent time exploring yoga you’ve probably come across several teachers who remind you to relax the space between your eyebrows and the corners of your mouth during your practice.

Face yoga has been gaining popularity in recent years due to its unrivaled natural ability to slow down and sometimes even reverse the signs of ageing in the face of those who practice it.

Hollywood stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Anniston have given credit for their youthful glow to this timeless exercise.

While some of the claims made about face yoga can seem a little far-fetched, it’s hard to ignore the thousands of people who swear by their 15 minutes of face yoga exercises every day!


The benefits experienced while practicing facial yoga

The benefits that people claim to have experienced while practicing facial yoga are numerous. As the skin and the flesh underneath become healthier the skin tightens, easing away fine lines and giving more harsh wrinkles a softer appearance.

The relaxed muscles release tension returning some of the youthful plumpness to your skin. Over time, frequent facial exercises help to sculpt a slim face with a defined brow and jaw line.

People who regularly practice face yoga often see a decrease in the appearance of a double chin, and a more defined décolletage, adding even more youthful beauty.


Doing face yoga exercises is not just for aesthetics.

It can help with a pretty major internal issue as well: headaches.

People who suffer from frequent headaches or chronic migraines can benefit greatly from the stretching of the facial muscles.

The benefits of face yoga exercises are many, and no two individuals experience the exact same results.



Videos about facial yoga & face yoga exercises

We’ve included some videos below of some simple face yoga exercises to try for yourself…


1. An Introduction to Face Yoga

A quick introduction into the world of Face Yoga from Fumiko Takatsu, creator of the Face Yoga Method. Here she briefly covers the thinking behind tackling gravity using Face yoga.

The best way to think about it is, that exercise for your face works in exactly the same way as exercise for your body.


2. 6 face yoga exercises to do at home

Face yoga expert Danielle Collins shows us her 20 minute exercise regime, helping to tone and firm your skin. Exercises include…

  • The V – for the skin around the eyes
  • The Smile Smoother – lift the skin around the eyebrows, nose, cheeks and neck area
  • Smooth the Brow – Addresses the Forehead area
  • Flirty Eyes – Eyelids and lower part of the face and helps reduce the hollows under the eyes
  • Giraffe – Under the jaw and major muscle on the neck
  • Acupressure point
  • Ear Lobes


3. Facial Yoga Full lesson

A wonderful video that’s been recently updated and is super easy to follow and learn from.



And there you have it, some of the best ways that yoga can keep our body, mind and soul younger.

Please keep in mind; that if you do have an existing condition, please make sure with your doctor if you are able to do yoga.

I personally do yoga at least twice a week and if I miss one lesson, my mood drops.

Yoga is my get away from the world and the only time that I allow my body and mind to become one. I promise once you start with yoga, you will not be able to stop. It is a healthy addiction!


Let Us Know

Have you had any experience practising face yoga or trying some face yoga exercises?

How has this discipline and practise changed your life and helped keep your mind and body younger?

Please let us know in the comments section below…

Sally Mitchell

Sally Mitchell began her career as a make up artist, and after receiving a diploma in Clinical Dermatology decided to combine her passions for makeup artistry and skincare becoming a licensed beauty professional. Now she shares useful skin care and beauty tips with readers of the Lumeskin blog.

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