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A selection of articles on activities, methods & research into being calm, relaxed and forms of stress management.

Including Yoga, Meditation, Adult Coloring & Mindfulness…

7 Reasons Massage Therapy for Stress Relief is a Must

Why Massage Therapy for Stress Relief is not just a nice to have It is quite common these days to…

1 week ago

The Mental Health Benefits of Art Therapy – Feel Calm, Happy & Healthy!

Creating Art Can Make You Feel Calm, Happy and Healthy There was always something special about art, no matter whether…

2 months ago

Fancy taking yoga classes in India? Here’s 6 amazing yoga retreats

Fancy yoga classes in India? Try these amazing yoga retreats Modern life can be hectic, and it has become more…

4 months ago

13 Different Massage Techniques and Their Benefits

Different Massage Techniques Massage is an ancient healing technique that’s well-known for relaxing the body and the mind. However, with…

5 months ago

7 Natural Remedies for Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety We take a look at some of the everyday causes of anxiety and offer seven natural remedies…

6 months ago

Keeping a journal can help Teens grow – and why your Teen should do it

Keeping a journal can help your Teenager We all know the power of keeping a journal for your well being,…

8 months ago

The Science Behind Taking a Power Nap and Why They’re Good for You

Are you feeling constantly fatigued? Why not take a power nap Sick of feeling fatigued and desperate for sleep half…

11 months ago

Using essential oil for your yoga practice & 12 great essential oil recipes

Using essential oils with your yoga practice If you enjoy both yoga and essential oils, you might be interested in ways you…

1 year ago

‘How nearly drowning woke me up’ plus 4 mindfulness meditation exercises

Mindfulness - Real life stories series We want to introduce you to this wonderful story as the first part of our…

2 years ago

8 Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits & Why it’s a must have!

8 Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits Natural Himalayan crystal rock salt was formed in the foothills of the Himalayas millions of…

2 years ago

Big day tomorrow & can’t sleep? Here’s 10 natural sleep remedies…

Can't sleep? Try these natural sleep remedies Big day tomorrow, interview, exam, vacation? Do you always struggle to sleep the…

2 years ago

6 must watch Meditation Videos – including guided meditation techniques

Meditation videos including guided meditation techniques We have compiled 6 fantastic must watch Meditation videos. We wanted to include the…

2 years ago

Can’t Sleep? Suffer Insomnia? – Turn off WiFi & Stop Microwaving Yourself

Insomnia! Could this be why you can't sleep? Just can't sleep or remain asleep for a long period of time? Struggle…

2 years ago

How to Start Meditating: Meditation Tips from the Experts

What is Meditation? Looking for some Meditation tips? From people who really know what they are talking about? Then you're…

2 years ago

45 FREE adult colouring pages Mandala & Abstract to reduce stress

Reduce stress with these free adult colouring pages Life for many of us can be pretty hectic, a non stop…

2 years ago

45 FREE adult coloring pages Mandala & Abstract to reduce stress

Reduce stress with these free adult coloring pages Life for many of us can be pretty hectic, a non stop…

2 years ago

Journaling for well being and tips on getting started

How Journaling could be great for your well-being Journal writing can conjure up images of angst-ridden teenagers hiding secret diaries…

2 years ago

How to reduce stress by adding these foods to your diet

How to reduce Stress with these Foods and eat your way to a Calmer, Happier and Healthier life

3 years ago

Rest Your Mind for 10 Mindful Minutes

All it takes is 10 Mindful Minutes What does 10 Mindful minutes actually mean?

3 years ago

How to relieve stress with these 11 Activities

Use these 11 activities to help reduce stress levels now

3 years ago

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