Buying a Himalayan Salt Lamp – How do i know if a salt lamp is real?

How do i know if a salt lamp is real?

So you are thinking of purchasing a Himalayan salt lamp? You’ve come to the right place, as we answer the question….How do i know if a salt lamp is real?

There are signs to look for to make sure you are getting the real thing and not a very impressive looking fake.


Buying a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps help clean the air in your house and offer some good health benefits, and have become very popular in the last few years.

Making it essential that when you buy a Himalayan crystal salt lamp, you are getting the genuine article! So let’s take a look at some facts that can help answer the question “How do i know if a salt lamp is real?”…


1. What colour should a Himalayan salt lamp be?

Himalayan salt crystals have in general a pinkish or orange hue, white Himalayan salt crystals are extremely rare.

So in general a salt lamp will be in the range of a dark orange to a medium pink unless you pay considerably more for a pure white one.

The light salt lamps give off is muted and uneven, giving a warm soft glow and will not be bright enough to light a room. If yours is bright enough to light a whole room then it is probably a fake. 


2. Should my Himalayan salt lamp be sweating?

One of the biggest benefits of the Himalayan salt lamp, is that they clean the air around by absorbing the moisture including any airborne particles.

The heat of the lamp dries the moisture and releases purified molecules into the air. So any pollutants like bacteria and mold in the air is purified.

So a genuine Himalayan salt lamp should sweat due to the hygroscopic process, so don’t worry if you see beads of moisture form on the genuine article.


3. How fragile is your rock salt lamp?

Himalayan pink salt is fragile so salt lamps can easily be damaged though rough handling or dropping. If you have dropped your lamp or knocked it and no damage has occurred it could be that the lamp you have is not the real deal.

Also a supplier of Himalayan salt lamps recognizes the fragility of the lamp and will ensure that it is properly packaged and have a good returns policy if the lamp arrives to you in a damaged state.


4. Where was your Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp Made?

Pakistan is the only place in the world where Himalayan pink salt is mined, deep in the underground mines of Khewra.

So if the seller does not specify the place of origin of the salt block, enquire as to the country origin of the Himalayan pink salt as sellers can list the assembly country origin as the country the of origin.

Don’t be afraid to ask them, how do i know if a salt lamp is real? If they are genuine sellers, they will be happy to answer.

There are lots of health benefits to be gained from a Himalayan salt lamp and as long as the one you purchase is appropriate for the size of the room and you are exposed to it on a regular basis then you should see positive results.

The purity of Himalayan pink salt, which is hand mined, is believed to have come from ancient sea salt deposits that is one of the purest salts available.

The colour comes from the salt being rich in calcium, copper, magnesium, iron and magnesium and these nutrients give the Himalayan salt is wonderful pink hue.


5. Your salt lamp is smooth and even in shape

If you lamp is very smooth or glows evenly in all directions that’s a big sign it is a fake. Real crystal salt lamps are irregular in shape, very uneven and the glow they give off should be the same, so dim in some directions and slightly brighter in others.

It’s good to remember these lamps are made from a natural material, straight out of mines in Pakistan and not manufactured in a factory, so should be very natural and organic in shape.


6. Why should i get a Salt Lamp?

To summarise, they purify the air by attracting the water vapour and trap indoor air pollutants which includes mold, bacteria and allergens.

They have been shown to ease the symptoms of allergies and asthma.

In fact Himalayan pink salt is now used in inhalers to bring relief to asthma sufferers. Clinical studies have shown improvement in 85% of mild to moderate sufferers.


Positive and negative ions

The positive and negative ions are balanced by the use of a salt lamp and this reduces radiation and airborne infection.

The calming glow of the salt lamp produced by the pinky, orange hue promotes sleep and mood improvement by reducing anxiety. 

So if you find that after owning your Himalayan salt lamp for a number of months, as long as you have followed the size guidelines in our article about caring for your salt lamp and got the correct size crystal lamp for your room size, that you are not feeling any health benefits, it could be possible that your lamp is a fake.


Let Us Know

We hope we’ve answered the big question, “How do i know if a salt lamp is real?” but if you have any worries about your salt lamp please comment below and we’ll try and help.

Have you bought a Himalayan salt lamp and worry that it is not legitimate? Please ask any questions you have in the comments below?

Or do you have further tips on making sure your crystal rock salt lamp is real, we’re certain our other readers would love to know…

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