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Top Holiday Destinations for the Best Yoga Retreats & Fitness Breaks

The Best Yoga Retreats, Meditation & Fitness Breaks

I enjoy travelling a lot, well it’s my job which I’m blessed to do. I’ve been all over the world, blogged about many destinations, their attractions, their beauty, the not so attractive parts and so on. In this article, I’d like to take a look at some of the best yoga retreats, meditation holidays and fitness breaks available.

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Keeping fit whilst relaxing

I also love fitness and exercise so I’ve decided to talk about destinations in Europe that I’ve visited and had recommendations for  that are great to spend time relaxing whilst also keeping up with your fitness routine.

At the time of writing this we’re now hitting winter so outdoor yoga and fitness sometimes takes a back seat till the warmer months join us again. Don’t let this stop you though, get yourself overseas to warmer climates for a fantastic winter break and keep fitness and yoga as an integral part of your winter months this year.

It doesn’t have to be strenuous exercise if that is not your cup of tea, Tennis, Meditation & Walking holidays can be fantastic fun too!


AzulFit Yoga and Pilates, Fuerteventura, Spain

I was in Spain for a month recently, blogging on Spanish culture, their history, their attractions and everything else in-between. I was lucky enough to visit Barcelona, Madrid and spent a lot of time in the south of Spain, places such as Malaga and the Canary Islands.

However, a friend recommended that I go to Fuerteventura towards the end of my trip to unwind and relax and boy am I pleased I did.

The Yoga Retreat I found there was wonderful. It’s one of the best yoga retreats I have been too, I loved it!

Maybe it was the surrounding that played a big part, the volcano’s, the breath-taking beaches, the villa itself or possibly just the people.

As a person quite new to Yoga, this was a fantastic place to come, learn, and find myself a little.


Walking in France

This walking retreat in Medieval France will be really up your street if you also like history. It is steeped in it! Follow and walk in the footsteps of the Cathars. Through forests, rivers and stunning old hilltop villages.

They also advise taking an extra day to discover the old city of Albi and I could not agree more, it’s a stunning location on the river Tarn.

It’s a grade 3 medium difficulty walking holiday BUT if you are fit and healthy you should be fine.

Walking in nature, in fact just walking more in life, is a natural healing method both for the mind and the soul.

Walk through picturesque villages, enjoy great meals and sample some unrivalled views in this region of France.


Tennis in Cyprus

If you want fun, relaxation and a great tan then the Aphrodite Hills resort in Paphos, Cyrus is something to think about.

Available for people of all levels, this is a fantastic place to come and improve your tennis levels and fitness too. Learn all about the forehand, backhand, where to position yourself on the court etc all with the help of your own personal tennis coach.

Added to this there’s a fitness centre, weight training and a spa to relax the joints after a hard day.

Great for all the family, including the kids.


Chill lake side at Lochside Yoga in Scotland

One location that I thought brought together the best scenery and the best yoga experience is in bonny Scotland.

Photo courtesy of Lochside Yoga

There are two sides to this great location, the hustle and bustle of the mighty Edinburgh and Glasgow, where there’s an abundance of hotel and spa retreats dotted around. However to get the real Scottish yoga experience then head around 40 minutes north of Glasgow to the glorious Loch Lomond where the popular Lochside Yoga resides, run by Gillian Lester.

If you want to be a part of nature then this retreat is for you. Being surrounded by the woodlands and the wilderness of Scotland is definitely something you don’t experience every day.

You’ll find lots of classes available for beginners, intermediates and experts. They consist of Yoga, Meditation classes, workshops and lots more.

If you have more time, I would definitely advise you also head over to another part of Loch Lomond to visit or stay at The Dhanakosa Buddhist Retreat Centre which incorporates Yoga, Hillwalking and Tai Chi.


Wild about Running?

If you love running, why not combine this passion with a well deserved break? Well, that can be made possible by joining the guys at Run the Wild for one of their running holidays across the UK, France and Italy.

The breaks they offer stretch from 1 day through to 6 days and they stress it’s all about enjoying running whilst exploring the wild. They cater for beginners through to running veterans, so there are no excuses!

The trips are organised and run by passionate runners, making it a great option for seeing some wonderful places whilst doing something you love.


Escape to the Secret garden for some Meditation time

Photo courtesy of The Secret Garden.

Last but not least is the wonderful Secret garden in Andalusia, Spain. Recommended to me by a friend, this is a truly magical hide away located in an orange orchard and surrounded by mountains and nature.

With home cooked meals & unlimited mountain spring water, you have the option of staying in a luxury yurt or the guest house.

This meditation retreat is perfect if you really want to get away from it all, de-stress, recharge and love the beauty of nature. You can bathe in the river or just sit and listen to the water running, a very calming experience indeed.

If you do find yourself getting itchy feet there is internet available but I’d avoid falling for the temptation!


Why not take that break you always wanted now?

Europe is a wonderful place and has some of the best yoga retreats and Fitness breaks available.

Relaxation whilst keeping up or improving your fitness regime seems like a great option to me.

If you have not done it before, Yoga is a fantastic way to truly relax, find yourself and keep supple and I personally think there’s no better time to give it a go than when you’re on holiday with not a care in the world. So go on, give it a try! Just make sure you don’t forget you natural travel essentials!

If you want more hints and tips about travelling the globe then head over to my blog at The Low Cost Traveller.


Your Turn

Have you recently visited some wonderful locations that also have fitness, meditation or yoga classes or courses linked to them?

We’d love to know the best yoga retreats or other alternative fitness breaks you have been to, so please share in the comments below…


Latresa Mclain

I’m Latresa Mclain and I’m the owner of the Low Cost Traveller blog. I love to travel and share my experiences with people around the world.

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