The benefits of natural soap & things you must know before using It

Buying Natural Soap? Things You Must Know before Using It

What are the benefits of natural soap? Why buy it?  Let’s take a look into it…

So, you’re browsing an organic store and there is a huge section that has natural soap bars in. All types of colours, sizes, shapes, designs and fragrances, and the dilemma is not only about which one you should buy, but also whether it is a wise thing switching to handmade soaps.

There are a lot of soap bars on the market that make a thousand claims of being natural with things like honey, milk, oils and what not BUT you must know that everything that glitters is not gold.

And, just because any soap claims that it’s natural and healthy, it doesn’t mean it is. So, you need to figure that out first.

Keep these 9 benefits of natural soap in mind when thinking about buying it

The concern is a genuine one. You certainly shouldn’t pick up just about any soap that looks good or smells great.

There are a number of things that you must consider before you buy one.

So let’s begin and take a look at the benefits of natural soap and things to keep an eye out for when buying it….

1. The Love for Glycerin

If there is one great thing that you will find common in the simpler, kinder alternative, it is glycerin.

It is the major ingredient that natural soaps use as the moisturizing agent for the skin. This humectant attracts the moisture to your skin and keeps it soft.

Some regular bathing bars also contain glycerin, so they moisturize better than others.

Hence, the high cost. It is actually made in the process of making the soap itself. But, it is extracted from the mix as the cosmetic practice goes, to be added to higher costing moisturizing products.

When natural soaps are made, this softening agent forms as a byproduct of water, butters and oils, that are mixed together to make these mild cleansing bars. And, it is then left right there, and that is what makes it such a good thing.

So, look for glycerin.

2. Prefer Natural Fats

All natural soaps will always look for more eco-friendly alternatives than palm oil.

So, natural fats like shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil etc are much more preferred ingredients now.

Not only do they have fewer adverse effects on the environment, but are also effective at keeping the skin soft, moisturized and supple.

These fats are easier to obtain ethically, unlike palm oil, and also foster sustainability in agriculture.

So, it is great to use something that is good for your skin as well as for mother earth, which is one of the big benefits of natural soap.

Any soap with processed oil is not an organic soap!

3. Go for All Natural

There may be times when you will have to use your discretion about the finely visibly line between 95% and 100%.

Yes, there are always a number of soaps that have some percentage of synthetic preservatives, even if 4-5%.

What 100% organic soap can give you, an almost-organic can’t.

So, go for pure!

These synthetic components are used mostly for texture, color and fragrance. But why compromise on this 5% when there are soaps that are 100% natural and offer the best form of cleansing and moisturizing?

As for fragrance, be aware that the purest of bars will never have attractively bright color or strong scent. And, that is because they use natural colors and essential oils.

4. Steer clear of palm oil and its derivatives

For people who support organic and ecology with all their hearts, they know what using palm oil means. Sadly, it is highly popular oil when it comes to soaps and beauty products.

The production of this oil, in case you didn’t know, has been the reason for the annihilation of natural habitats, wildlife and ecosystems. The land has been plundered and shorn of its natural resources.

It has directly and indirectly degraded so many wildlife species.

So, steer clear of soaps that contain palm oil or its derivatives.

Consider doing some research and finding out what these derivatives are.

There is also an amusing fact about the use of palm oil.  It is not at all essential for making soaps!

So, it only makes sense to buy the ones that are free from palm oil.

Like I said earlier in point 2, other easily available, eco-friendly oils like coconut and olive oils should be your preference.

5. Hot Pressed is the Hottest Thing on the Block

Now, this is a bit technical but worth paying attention to.

There are primarily two methods of making soap – melt and pour; hot pressed.

Now, the first method, i.e. melt and pour is one that most cosmetic soaps are made by. And, there is all likelihood that you will have one with palm oil as an active ingredient.

Soaps made this way are also likely to contain animal fat.

So, do check how your all natural soap is made.

Hot pressed is great; cold pressed equally great if not better. These are made from scratch with natural ingredients and no palm oil.

The ingredients are wisely chosen to make soap that has no artificial ingredients.

6. Expect a Shelf Life, If You Will!

Have you ever thought why organic soaps deplete so quickly? Is that one reason why you don’t buy those? Well, if you do, think again.

Since natural products like these do not have synthetic preservatives in them, they are bound to melt and evaporate faster than cosmetic soap bars.

No hardening agents, means quick evaporation when exposed to water and moisture. This is why it is advised to store them in dry places or on a wooden soap block.

So, you must expect a shorter shelf life, mostly up to a year.

No Harmful preservatives

Nevertheless, you must understand that a shorter life is only an indicator of no harmful preservatives and hardening agents.

If you see soaps with years of shelf life, you probably need to take a thorough look at its composition. You might just discover that your bar is not so natural.

Here are some handy tips to use your all natural soaps optimally:

  • You could refrigerate or even freeze them.
  • It can be cut into two halves, so that the entire bar doesn’t evaporate in one go.

6. Vegans, This is for You

If you are a vegan, you sure want to check on vegan ingredients.

All the goat’s milk and honey is luxurious, but you certainly need something that is fairer and kinder to animals.

Products with milk, honey and animal fats are popular and easy to find. But, you will have to do some browsing to find yours.

Luckily, most organic stores have dedicated vegan sections. So, finding one with vegan ingredients shouldn’t be a problem.

As for the price, they cost almost the same as non-vegan soaps, sometimes even less depending on the quality of the components.

7. Natural Antiseptic is Great

If you have been facing skin infections, my friend, you’d love some natural antiseptic.

Yes, soaps which contain tee tree oil, coconut oil, or eucalyptus oil are naturally laden with antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial qualities.

These oils are equipped to combat fungi, viruses and infection-causing bacteria that can harm your skin even if you keep it clean.

All these oils are so potent that they even help calm down the flare-ups and treat psoriasis.

So, if you see these ingredients, it is always a plus.

8. Soap Texture – Granular or Smooth?

When you dive into the organic soap section of any supermarket, you are likely to come across two major variations – grainy and smooth.

Go, for the latter without even a speck of doubt.

Granular texture may sound very authentic and in assonance with natural, it is however, abrasive.

This is one attribute of these bars that may end up irritating skin affected with acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, etc.

It will end up opening wide the pores of your skin to only aggravate skin problems.

So, smooth is the only way to go.

9. Aloe Vera Is Worthy of Your Bathroom

It is also an incredible healer for the skin. Along with impeccable moisturizing abilities, this herb also heals broken and sun burnt skin.

It even helps heal skin lesions and extremely dry skin. It is very popular in gel form, but hey, if your all natural soap has this ingredient, please consider buying it.

Another plus that aloe vera soaps will give you is that of maintaining the pH balance of your skin.

Well, most natural bars will do that but there is no moisturizing agent better than aloe vera.

While cosmetic soap bars sheer moisture off your skin with its harsh chemicals and disturb the pH balance, these natural alternatives are your saviors.

General Instructions:

  • Don’t go too much by how fancy a natural soap bar looks. It’s not a case of the fancier the better. Most come in simple yet elegant packaging.
  • Go for smaller sizes. Remember that it melts away easily. So, take convenient small sizes.
  • Do look into the expiry date before you buy.
  • These are not necessarily costlier than cosmetic soaps. It actually depends from brand to brand how expensive or reasonable the pricing is (apart from the ingredients, of course)
  • Some research on a personal level always pays off.

So, with the benefits of natural soap clear, is it about time you added natural soaps to your shopping list?

Let us know any benefits of natural soap you know of & like

Do you use Natural soap? Do you have any faves?  What benefits of natural soap do you find work well for you?

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below…

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