Author: Gillian London-Scianna

I am a restaurateur, caterer and a food designer. I can also redesign some of your favorite foods and recipes to incorporate a healthier lifestyle. (I promise you won't miss your old recipes). I have been infatuated with creating great tasting food since I was about 10 years old and could reach the stove. My first omelet tasted great – although sadly the kitchen did nor fair so well.

Healthy Simple Recipes from the Garden – plus a Strawberry Face Mask!

A Healthy Tour of the Garden A trip to different parts of the world leads to different ingredients and flavors.…

11 months ago

Breakfast menu recipes – All Gluten, Glyphosate & GMO free

Breakfast menu recipes - All Gluten, Glyphosate & GMO free In this months article I've put together some delicious breakfast recipes…

1 year ago

4 wonderful Carob recipes (including a carob clay face mask)

Carob Recipes - the dark brown pod of the Mediterranean I love searching for ingredients that are good for you, that…

1 year ago

4 Scrummy Jicama and Apple Cider Vinegar Recipes

Jicama and Apple Cider Vinegar Recipes With New Years resolutions past, some kept others...well you know the drill. Healthy eating…

1 year ago

5 delicious vitamin packed sweet potato recipes

Sweet potato recipes perfect for the holiday season The holiday season is fast approaching, yes, this years diet takes a…

1 year ago

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