Author: Demmy James

Demmy James is a fitness buff, strength and conditioning specialist and content contributor with Muscle & Strength. He is constantly looking to inspire and motivate others to achieve their own health and fitness goals through his writings. Follow him on Twitter for more tips and guides.

Weight loss tips – 7 organic fat burning foods & products

Weight loss tips - Help Burn Fat Naturally As part of our new weight loss tips series, we take a…

2 weeks ago

Warm Down Stretching Routine for Young and Old

Warm Down Stretching Routine for Young and Old Whether you are old or young, a great fun and easy stretching…

2 months ago

Take our 30 Day Ab Challenge for improved health and a tighter belly!

Take our 30 Day Ab Challenge While most of us have some idea of what we need to do to…

4 months ago

Workout challenges: What Stands in the Way of Obtaining a Great Body

Workout challenges - Obtaining a Great Body We take a look at some of the workout challenges that people face…

4 months ago

Struggling to exercise? Here’s 7 Ways to Improve Your Fitness Motivation

Improve Your Fitness Motivation The benefits of improving your fitness are too numerous to fully cover in one article, but…

5 months ago

What Does Protein Do For Us? Plus 4 Energy Packed Protein Ball Recipes

What does protein do for our bodies? What does protein do for our bodies? We take a look and also…

9 months ago

7 Health Benefits of Working Out Regularly

7 Benefits of Working Out Consistently You’re probably aware of the many health benefits of diet and exercise, but hopefully you…

9 months ago

How Metabolism Works, How to Hack It & increase metabolism naturally

Ways to increase metabolism naturally We’re sure you’ve already heard the word metabolism but it is not what you think…

1 year ago

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