7 Natural Hair Care Tips To Help You Grow The Healthiest Hair You’ve Ever Had!

Natural ways to help your hair

Do you ever feel like your hair just won’t grow any longer? Or that it looks flat and lifeless recently? They’re common issues that can be remedied with these 7 natural hair care tips, a little bit of effort, along with a few lifestyle tweaks – some of which you may not have heard of before!

Switch up your hair care routine

To have the locks you’ve always dreamed of, consider switching up your hair care routine; that doesn’t just mean changing your shampoo and conditioner, but styling appliances, avoiding synthetic chemicals and silicone in your shampoo along with changing your diet can all contribute to poor hair growth.

Looking good takes a lifestyle!

A natural approach to hair care

Taking a holistic, natural approach could be the answer you’ve been waiting for to turn your hair troubles around:

7 natural hair care tips…

1. Switch to organic shampoo

While your conventional shampoo might contain an ingredient or two that promotes healthy-looking hair, organic shampoo is much more likely to contain natural ingredients selected for their hair-nourishing qualities.

Scientists have found that organically produced ingredients contain higher levels of nutrients than their conventionally grown counterparts.

The key is to go organic – not just natural – because the more nutrient dense, the better for you!

If you really want to step your shampoo up another notch, look for ones with ingredients like horsetail extract and rosemary – botanicals that have demonstrated their ability to promote healthy hair and hair growth.

Other benefits of switching to organic

Another benefit of organic shampoo is that it will cleanse your hair of product build up.

This is often a side effect with synthetic shampoos, where the product coats the hair instead of cleaning it, which over time builds up and weighs the hair down.

Organic shampoo cleanses and nourishes the hair, which should result in hair that is genuinely healthier, while as i said above synthetic shampoos coat the hair only giving the appearance of healthy hair.

2. No SLS!

Unbeknown to many, there are ingredients lurking in conventional shampoos that do your hair absolutely no favors and can actually be detrimental, not just to your hair but to your body as a whole – just another reason to go organic!

A form of marketing called Greenwashing, sells the product as natural and chemical free when this can often be far from the truth!

Genuinely organic formulations forgo the use of synthetic chemicals and pesticides, many of which have toxic effects and indirectly disrupt hair growth.

One of the top ingredients to avoid in conventional shampoo is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). Just like a flower in the soil, when it comes to growing healthy hair, you need to create the right environment for that to happen.

But the American College of Toxicology found that SLS irritates and even corrodes the skin…so perhaps one to leave out of your shampoo!

3. Restrict heat

We all know that using heat, with straighteners and hair dryers can damage your hair, but cutting out styling tools completely can seem impractical.

Instead, we suggest restricting heat whenever you can, by setting yourself goals.

If you cut down on how many times you wash your hair per week, blow-drying will consequently be reduced.

Wearing no-heat hairstyles more frequently, such as tying your hair back for a set amount of times per week will also limit the use of heat and the resulting damage.

Every effort you make counts – your hair will thank you for it!

4. Cut down on washing your hair

It might seem counterintuitive, but washing your hair too much strips it of its natural oils, leaving it feeling dry, prone to an itchy scalp and other issues.

Let nature take its course and limit washing your hair to 3 times per week.

5. Essential Oils

One of my fave natural hair care tips, use the power of essential oils!

Essential oils are attributed to a wide variety of wonderful benefits, especially for the skin and hair.

The best way to use them to benefit your hair is to have them present in your shampoo or a hair mask.

In a study that tested peppermint oil versus a leading brand of hair loss treatment, peppermint oil promoted significantly more hair growth!

Tea tree oil is another great essential oil to consider. An organic tea tree shampoo can help related issues, like fungal dandruff or itching! It can also be balancing for greasy hair and help build more time in between washes.

Try adding a drop or two of your oil of choice into your shampoo, conditioner or in a hair mask and see the effects for yourself.

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6. Eat well

Hang on“, I hear you say, “these are hair care tips!but…

If you ever needed an excuse to get munching, here’s one! Eating a healthy diet is one of the most important steps to take if you want gorgeous hair.

Vitamin C, zinc, biotin, Vitamin E and vitamin A are all essential nutrients recommended for healthy hair. You can find these nutrients in a range of foods, but especially in fruit and nuts and seeds like oranges, almonds, pumpkin seeds and tomatoes.

Remember that beauty really does come from within!

7. Natural hair masks

Treating yourself to a hair mask once a week can be a great way to replenish lost moisture and leave it feeling lovely and soft.

This is especially important for those of you who live in a colder climate, where skin and hair are at the mercy of the elements, resulting in moisture loss and therefore also needing a moisture-boost more regularly.

Coconut oil is an excellent addition to your diet and your hair care routine.

Try using it as a DIY pampering hair mask, leaving it on your hair from root to tip for as long as you like, from a few hours to an overnight treatment, making sure to thoroughly wash it out afterward.

According to a number of personal testimonies, coconut oil has helped speed up hair growth and improved the condition of hair.

Research also shows coconut oil can help with the prevention of hair damage and reduces protein loss and moisturizes the hair fibres. *

D.I.Y Hair care and Beauty recipes

If creating your own hair or face mask, from natural products is something that you’re interested in, you may like to check out our article below that has 11 super easy to make homemade beauty recipes included….

11 easy to make DIY Beauty Products

Get healthy hair naturally!

With these hair care tips, healthy hair is only a few steps away and the best thing about taking a natural approach is that it does your entire body the world of good in the process!

Love natural? make sure you read our article on the benefits of using 100% natural soap

Let us know

We’d love to hear about & learn any natural hair care tips or advise that you use to get your hair in great condition and full of life….

Please join the convo in the comments below….

Sources used…

* Rele AS1, Mohile RB. Effect of mineral oil, sunflower oil, and coconut oil on prevention of hair damage. J Cosmet Sci. 2003 Mar-Apr;54(2):175-92.

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