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A Happier you. Try these 6 simple ideas

6 ideas to help try & increase your happiness

The way you think and the things you do are all important to how happy you feel. The ideas below show that with some small changes to your lifestyle, spending habits and mindset you can go a long way towards making your life happier.

1. People Who Spend Money On Experiences Instead Of Things Are Much Happier

Get away to some long-lost location to get an experience you’ll never forget

Instead of spending all of your hard-earned cash on items and goods that you already have in abundance, why not think about buying yourself a life experience or two, something you’ll always remember and that really makes you happy.

Here’s just a few ideas that might spark some inspiration…

Why not try a Yoga Retreat holiday or if yoga is not your thing, what about a Meditation retreat?

Book yourself an Extreme Adventure day, something like Indoor Skydiving, Drive a Super Car or Zipwire in Snowdonia! Experiences that will remain with you forever.

How about taking that trip to London you’ve always planned to do some day but never got round to? Visit attractions steeped in history like Hampton Court Palace to form some wonderful memories.

If you have kids (or even if you don’t!) why not try a magical trip to somewhere like Disneyland or a Forest Adventure at somewhere like Go Ape in the UK.

2. People Who Sing In The Car Are Happier, Healthier And Live Longer

Why not break up the boredom of a traffic jam by singing your heart out

Singing has been shown to help increase happiness (who doesn’t love a good loud singing session!), improve your health and even extend your life.

With most people spending more and more time in their car, what better way to break up the boredom and make the journey happier than a good loud sing in your car whether on your own or better still with your best friends, who cares who’s looking!

3. Have some ME time!

Get some ME time in your Calendar today

It helps us unwind, reboots the brain and improves wellbeing.

From taking a lunch break in the park, spending more time on hobbies or unplugging your gadgets, here is a great infographic from on why allocating some time to spend on yourself is so important and how to do it.

How about Golf or other sports such as Running, fantastic for clearing the head. Or why not try adult coloring? Spend some time on YOU!

Or what about getting yourself a musical instrument and either taking lessons or teach yourself?

4. Give Up These Three Things and You’ll Find Happiness

Stop Making Excuses!

Something you can put into action straight away and won’t cost you a penny.  Stop complaining, stop making excuses and stop worrying about having to impress others and see your happiness increase! Read this little idea here at Ideapod.

5. Add these 3 Things to your life

Let yourself go!

The ability to Let go, Learn to accept things and focus on the good things in life and finally to be grateful can really help make you happier.

6. Sleep in to be Happier (and an added bonus ‘Smarter’ too!)

Looks comfy right? Why not spend a little more time tucked up in your duvet

We realise this is not the easiest thing to acheive if you’ve got a busy life (especially with kids) but if that’s the case try and take it in turns with your partner, allowing the other to get some much-needed rest. It will hopefully make for a happier household!

Or how about just grabbing a quick power nap wherever possible>

We know we’ve only just scratched the surface with this list and for a bit of fun, this adorable lighthearted book Happiness Is . . . 500 Things to Be Happy About includes charming illustrations about ideas such as ‘watching the sea, fixing something or a good high five’. Great for making you smile and lifting the spirit!

What makes you happier? Do you do any of the above and if so have they worked? Feel free to add ideas in the comments section below…

Calm Happy Healthy @calmhappyhealth

We exist to do all we can to help make life a richer, more inspiring and enjoyable experience, for you our reader. By aiming to help you realise that you have the power and ability to change what needs to be changed to improve your health, state of mind, diet, energy levels, reduce stress and do your bit to help look after the environment. Live a Calmer, Happier and Healthier life.

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