Natural Ways to Get Into Shape After Pregnancy

Tips for Getting Your Body Back After Pregnancy

These tips are for any mum who wants to get into shape after pregnancy, be physically fit and feel confident about her body image and achieving all of this naturally!

There is no woman who does not want a perfect figure, without any bulging fat.  New mums emerge from pregnancy and childbirth with unwanted extra pounds and weak core muscle.

Returning to pre-pregnancy weight and shape is possible with the right motivation, strategy and by giving yourself time.

Carrying a baby for nine months and then delivering it takes its toll on your body. It probably won’t bounce back to its pre-pregnancy form quickly or easily.

However, with the right goals & strategies, every mum can get into shape and be physically fit, naturally.


Get Into Shape After Pregnancy

The following tips will help you lose the extra pounds in a healthy way and feel confident about your post-pregnancy body…


1. Weight Loss Foods – Natural ways to lose weight

Losing weight by eating seems unrealistic but it is true. Some foods contain nutrients which burn calories when eaten.

Some of these are:

  1. Apple is one of the best weight loss foods; as it contains antioxidants which prevent the formation of excess belly fat.
  2. Oats have about 5 grams of fibre per serving. Fibre takes a long time to digest; making the person feel fuller for a longer time. Also, a lot of energy is used to digest fiber.
  3. Lentils prevent the increase of insulin in the body. This stops the creation of extra fat in the body.
  4. Walnuts are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids; which are renowned for their weight burning properties. These are quite effective in burning belly fat.
  5. Celery takes more energy to eat than the calories it contains.


No matter how much a person tries, they cannot avoid eating to lose weight.  There are many working diet plans in the market but most of them require a lot of time.

The 7 day diet plans and 3 day apple diet plans are quick ways to lose weight for women, BUT are not recommended, especially for new mums, as they are harmful to the body in the long run.


2. Stay Hydrated

Drink water and avoid drinks with sugar and caffeine.

Eight cups a day is generally a good target; if you’re breast feeding, aim for ten.

Sufficient hydration helps you lose weight because it curbs your appetite. Sometimes hunger is actually sign that you’re dehydrated.

One good strategy for losing weight is to drink water first when you feel hungry so you won’t over eat.


Why Drinking Water

When water enters into the body, it dissolves toxins as it moves through the body making it healthier.

It also improves the purity of blood by dissolving the excess fats in the blood. This enhances the metabolic rate of the body resulting in the body burning more energy.

It also acts as a filler. This makes a person feel more full resulting in having less appetite. The best strategy is to drink a glass of water when a person wakes up, before and during every meal.

Never drink water instantly after a meal as it will expand the stomach.



Get the go-ahead from your obstetrician before you begin any exercise regime after pregnancy!

Your body needs at least six weeks to heal following childbirth.

Be especially cautious about attempting abdominal exercise.

If you do too much too soon, you can strain your abdominal muscles and lengthen your postpartum recovery period.


Start with Slow and Consistent Workouts

Even if you’re a world-class athlete, you’ll need to start post-pregnancy workouts slowly so you can build your strength and stamina.

Consistency is more important than intensity.

Get into shape after pregnancy by going for a daily walk or bike ride. This is an easy way to start and will help you strengthen some of your weak abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.

Listen to your body and increase your intensity as you grow stronger.


Mix Up Your Exercise Routine

Once you start working out you may be able to keep up the consistency for a while, but if it is the same routine every day you will probably grow bored.

To stay motivated, try different strategies and aim for comprehensive fitness. You need both strength training and cardio workouts.

Take advantage of various classes offered through a gym or invest in a few workout videos.

Also vary the scenery — try working out indoors, outdoors, at the gym or at a friend’s house.

And gently warm down with a stretching routine.


Focus on Your Core Muscles

Following pregnancy, the muscles in your midsection will be weak and stretched. Once you have permission from your doctor, focus on exercises that strengthen the whole core.

Crunches and sit-ups aren’t sufficient and can be hard on your back.

Pilates and yoga routines are beneficial because they’re low-impact and focus on strengthening muscles that are often neglected.


Have a Workout Buddy

Working-out consistently with friend helps you stay motivated and is also a good opportunity to socialize.

If you can work out with someone who has a baby the same age as yours, you can work on similar fitness goals and swap motherhood stories.


Work Out in Short Increments

You probably don’t have endless hours to devote to fitness. If you feel crunched for time, try exercising in ten-minute increments.

For example, take a brisk walk in the morning, do a few yoga sequences during your next ten-minute window and do some light resistance training later in the afternoon.


Take the Baby Along

As a new mum you don’t have much free time, and you probably don’t want to be away from your baby for long periods.

Taking your baby with you is a practical way to combine spending time together and improving your health.

Suggestions include using a jogging stroller or enrolling in a yoga class for new mums and their babies.



Aside from being the healthiest source of nutrition for your baby, breastfeeding will benefit you.

In the early postpartum period, breastfeeding releases hormones that shrink your uterus more quickly. It also burns up to 500 calories daily.

The fat that women build up while they are pregnant is actually used to produce milk.

It is not entirely clear how good the effects of losing weight while breastfeeding are on the short term. However, the amount of fat that women build up during pregnancy is said to only be sufficient for six months of breastfeeding.

Hence, while breastfeeding during the first six months, the build-up of fat is significantly reduced.


Carry on breastfeeding

Continuing to breastfeed after six months will further increase the amount of weight a woman loses.

There is some uncertainty about how much weight can actually be lost by breastfeeding alone, and the consensus is that it varies on a woman to woman basis.

This is, in essence, the completely natural way of losing weight while breastfeeding.

Hence, make sure you eat plenty of meat and fish, as well as eggs and bread and plenty of dairy products.

These are all essential in ensuring that you as a new mother have the nutrients and energy to breastfeed your baby and that the milk you give to your baby is of excellent quality.


Eat Sensibly

You don’t need to go on a crash diet to reach a healthy body weight after pregnancy, but you do need to eat well.

It’s important to eat a lot of calcium-rich foods in the postpartum period, especially if you’re breastfeeding.

Avoid foods high in saturated fat.

Healthy choices include non fat dairy products, soy-based products, broccoli, kale, beans, nuts, seeds and fish.

If you have a hard time maintaining self-control with eating, find an accountability partner.

However, be careful not to drop weight too quickly. You’re more likely to keep weight off if you loose it slow and steady.

Furthermore, if you’re breastfeeding but not taking in enough calories, you could adversely affect your milk supply.

To be safe, you should only lose a pound or two per week after the initial loss following childbirth.


Be Patient and Realistic

Remember that your body was growing for up to nine months. Trying to get into shape after pregnancy, is not going to be an easy, quick journey.

You may need at least as much time to return to your pre-pregnancy fitness level.

Even if you lose all of the pregnancy weight, you may be stuck some inevitable problems like stretch marks, loose skin and carrying body fat in new places.

If you’ve done everything you can and are healthy overall, don’t be disheartened. You’re a beautiful new mum!


A new perspective

If your problem areas bother you, wear clothing that strategically conceals them. You may also need a new perspective.

Most importantly though, don’t be ashamed but take pride in your pregnancy battle scars. Your body worked hard to bring a new life into the world.

Establishing a healthy balanced diet along with regular exercise is the tried and true, healthy way to lose weight for any women, including new mums.

If you still like to read more on this subject, try here comfortable weight loss after having a baby.


Good luck getting back into shape and find your fabulous self now!


Let us know…

How did you get into shape after pregnancy? Do you have any great tips to share to our other readers.

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below…


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